Ashley’ Adventures on the Internet


BOOK GOOGLING-2 Welcome to my first installment of Ashley’s Adventures on the Internet (wasn’t sure what to name it, if you have any suggestions it would be appreciated). This is a new feature on my blog in which I take search terms people use that directed them to my blog and answer their searches. The internet can be a scary place and if you don’t know how to correctly navigate the googles it might lead you to unknown territory (aka my blog! Welcome we accept all those lost souls and every major credit card!) You have asked and now I shall answer. Now I should warn you I have a bit of a sarcasm problem as well as I can be quite a smart ass. I am hoping this will be funny as I had found these search terms to be hilarious and entertaining. I would love to hear your comments/advice or opinions on this new feature and if it is worth keeping.

*disclaimer: I have not altered these phrases. They are exactly as they appear on my stats page. These are search terms of real people*


“Is the book sanctum by madeleine roux real”

If you mean in the sense that is this book a thing that physically exists in our world (Earth) then yes, Sanctum by Madeleine Roux is a real book. If you don’t believe me you can purchases one here:Amazon

Now if you mean is it real as in did the events that took place in the book happen in real life. Then my question for you would be do you believe in spirits that can posses humans? The is a Young Adult FICTION novel so I would say that no these events did not really happen, unless they took place and played out inside Roux’s head, more than just in the creation of the story. If that be the case  Roux might want to seek some help.

“how did emma die in barely breathing “

Well you might want to pick the book up and read it again. Emma does not die in Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan. She doesn’t die in the first or last book either. So if you are reading this book and searching in order to help figure out what you missed or to prepared to read the last book Out of Breath, you might want to reconsider reading. (Its just not working for you) Spoiler Alert: Emma Lives!

“aquifer emotion quotes page numbers johnathan”

What? You need to learn how to do google searches (obviously because this led you to my blog). I have read this book and I understand why this search would have led you to me, but I am of no help. First off you are extremely vague. You might want to include the authors last name and I doubt anyone on the internet knows the page of this quote. My advice to you is to go to goodreads and search through the quotes for the book or look back through your book because I doubt this search got you anywhere my silly dear.

“pic of top male actors”

Ummmm…. Well first off I have a book blog. Second why are you searching the internet for top male actor pics? And what are the top male actors of? All time? This year? You need to be more specific my dear and then not click on a book blog so that I can see you are search for pics of male actors, but don’t worry I won’t tell everyone, just all those who follow my blog!


13 thoughts on “Ashley’ Adventures on the Internet

  1. I love these! I may need to steal this idea because I’m always amused by the search terms that get people to me.

    I think my favorites at the moment are “i havent had a chance to finish reading your paper” and “i have a problem with harry potter” – something tells me these people aren’t sure how the internet works.


  2. This is a really smart idea!! I would definitely advise you to keep doing this, as its really funny!! So far I haven’t received any, but now Im really anticipating some as they seem hilarious!! 😀


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