2015 Bookish Bucket List | Update #1


This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Bookish Goal/Resolutions For 2015. I decided to structure this much like my Bookish Bucket list for 2014. This year it is going to be a lot harder for me to actually complete the goals since I will be with very limited internet access for 10 months out of this year. I will also be away from home so I will only have my books on my kindle and if I am able to check out books from the library. But you can check out my original 2015 Bookish Bucket List here!

♠ Read at least 45 books. I have read 8 books so far! Great start! 

♠ Complete Anna Karenina. This will be something I hope to start in a few months. 

♠ Keep up with reviews. I am trying really hard to catch up on these and preschedule for while I am gone, but this will be very difficult to do with the books I might be able to read over the next few months. 

♠ Read more classics. I have my kindle loaded and ready with many classics I hope to be able to get to. 

♠ Keep my book purchasing to sequels. So far I have stayed true to this besides some books I purchased for extremely cheap for my kindle.

♠ Finish the Harry Potter series. This I have not continued with yet, but I plan on starting the 5th book very soon. 

♠ Catch up on review books. Most of my review books are e-books so they are all on my kindle and ready to go while I am away. I was able to read a few already this year so I would say doing good! 

♠ Figure out a new set-up/blog posts/features. I feel like this will be more of an idea notebook thing and changes wont be made until next year, but I plan on trying to work on new creations etc. 

♠ Read at least three daunting books.  (I am counting this as over 550 pages.) I have not gotten around to this yet but have many books that fit into this category.

♠ Read up all/or a majority of the works by one author. I have a few authors I am starting to work on this for! 

So far I would say I have made a good start and progress with the first month of the year!

What are some of your 2015 goals/resolutions? How are you doing so far?


4 thoughts on “2015 Bookish Bucket List | Update #1

  1. Love your bookish bucket list! Mine is to read/listen to 100 books. I’m about 15 in so far 🙂 I have a long morning work commute so I can usually listen to 2 books a week just going to and from work

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