Kindle E-Book Tour


My kindle books are basically my TBR for 2015. I will be away for 10 months and will not be able to bring any books with me. Because of this I have stocked up my Kindle with loads of books! Besides all these books the only other ones I will be able to read are those I buy as an ebook or I check out from Overdrive (online library app). I figured this would be a good way to let you know what I will be reading this year when I have the time to read. I will be splitting this up into multiple post and they will include picture/title/author and a link to goodreads!

♠ Fantasy & Science Fiction 

♠ New Adult/Romance 

♠ Young Adult ( Fantasy/Paranormal/Misc.)

♠ Classics

♠ Mystery/Thriller/Misc. 


4 thoughts on “Kindle E-Book Tour

  1. Can’t wait to see the books you are taking with you! Going on a trip (especially a long one) always makes me paranoid I won’t have enough to read. Haha


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