Top Ten Tuesday| Top Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romance In Books

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romance In Books. My list will only be about 5 things. I have just recently gotten into reading more romance/new adult books this past year on top of all the romantic relationships that take place in many YA novels.. There are still so many cringe worthy things that I find in these books that is just too much for me to handle. I am still not 100% sold on Romance novels and I am so over the angsty teenagers and romance/love troupes that are found in young adult novels.

Insta Love –  This is one of my biggest annoyance when it comes to romance in a book. I believe there is such thing as attraction/lust at first sight and also intrigue/interest at first meet, but the DEEPLY IN LOVE I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU insta love that is found in so many YA books drives me insane. It is not realistic. 

♠ Love Triangles –  I have read many post and discussions by other book bloggers/readers about this commonly used scenario for romantic relationships (highly used in ya literature). It is always so drama filled and gets so annoying. I feel like so many times the girl becomes whiny and thinking this is the worst thing to ever happen. Now I will say there are some books that have made a subtle enough love triangle that it enhances the story and plot and doesnt make the story all about this stupid love triangle. I will also say there are some books I absolutely love that have love triangles in them, but I still detest love triangles and always want to punch the girl. I also feel like love triangles always have the same type of guys. There is the one that is her best friend/been there forever and the other who just appeared and swipes her off her feet and chases her etc. ALWAYS THE SAME, STILL ANNOYING.

♠ Lack of Plot-  I feel like there are times when the story becomes so involved with the romance that it takes away from everything else going on around them. And in the sole romance novels , I don’t like the lack of plot. I need something more substantial in books I read than just romance. 

♠ Romanticized Rape-  I do not think this is ever ok. The romanticization of lack of consent, sexual abuse etc. is not sexy. I think this is a horrible thing to include in a book and really dehumanizes woman making it seem like they are male play things. Now I don’t mind these topics being brought up and talked about in books because I feel like it is something that woman (especially young women/girls) need to be educated on and let them now that this is not okay and its not your fault and to seek help. But it needs to be depicted in a way in which its not romanticized and to made seem like its hot and sexy. 

♠ Dirty Talk/Pet Names– In books it always seems so cheesy and just makes me laugh. This is more of a personal dislike. I am not a fan of pet names i.e: baby, honey, sweety etc. They just seems so impersonal to me and they annoy me.

What are some things you dislike when it comes to romance in books? What are some things you like?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday| Top Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romance In Books

  1. Great points!! I agree with everything you put!
    I’m not participating in TTT this week because it’ll just become a rant about insta-love, love triangles and YA xD and people who’ve read my blog know by now I don’t do romance xD


  2. There is not much I despise more than Insta love and love triangles! UGH! So overused and annoying!

    And I love the point you made about romanticized rape! It always baffles me that physically or emotionally (or both) abusive love interests are the ones that people adore…


  3. Completely agree about the lack of plot point you made. If the romance is all that’s going on, I probably won’t like it. Same thing for your romanticized rape point – that is a horrible, horrible thing that should NOT be deemed sexy or okay.
    My TTT!


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