Making Up For Monday [3/2]

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Today’s Question: How do you feel about banned books?

Am how else are you suppose to feel about banned books, but to questioned why they are considered banned and therefore bad. I think it is ridiculous for some of the “banned books” to not be allowed to be read in school. All of the banned books have important messages and diversity in which I believe more of our youth should read and be aware of.

What are your thought on banned books?


2 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday [3/2]

  1. Agree! I don’t care what the reason is for a book ban; I just think they are wrong. And of course 99% of the time, young people don’t read into books like adults think they are. And they don’t go out and act many of the scenes just because they were in a book either. Everyone should be able to read whatever book they want and form their own opinion.


  2. I agree! Also, whenever a book is marked ‘banned’ I instantly want to read it no matter what it’s about. It could be banned for any number of reasons but I won’t rest until I read it! It is really sad how schools are banning books when really, they have such valuable knowledge to pass onto the next generation. Great post!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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