Ashley’ Adventures on the Internet | #3 [Spoiler Edition]



I take search terms people use that-2


*disclaimer: I have not altered these phrases. They are exactly as they appear on my stats page. These are search terms of real people*

“Second Chance Summer spoilers”

How does Sanctum by Roux end spoiler

Breathing series spoilers Donovan

Well in this edition in Ashley’s Adventures on the internet we deal with people searching for book spoilers on the inter-webs. And my question for them is WHY???? That is like searching in your parents room for your Christmas presents. It ruins absolutely everything. If you care enough to know how the book ends why don’t you read it. When I get spoiled for books it is the most devastating thing ever so why would anyone seek that kind of sadness out? But if you really want to know I will tell you (if you haven’t read these books do not continue on):


In Second Chance Summer Taylor’s father dies at the end.

In Sanctum they find out about the Scarlets, some people die and Dan, Abby and Jordan get away.

For the Breathing series, first Emma almost dies from her abusive aunt, than her mother is horrible and she witnesses a murder, than she gets hooked on drinking and makes some horrible choices only to end up back with Evan.


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