Making Up For Monday [4/20]

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Hosted by: An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer

Today’s Question: Have you ever faked reading a book? If so, what book and why?

Ummm yes! How can you not fake read a book in college. Most of the time they are super boring or you just don’t have the time.But literally carry around a book and pretend to read it, no. Who has that kind of time or why would you pretend to read a book.

Have you fake read a book? 



One thought on “Making Up For Monday [4/20]

  1. Actually, I’ve never done this… I usually try to pay attention to the book I’m reading and if I want people to think I’m more sophisticated (because I’m not already hehe :D) I’ll just pick up a classic and try to pay attention to it or better yet, just read the Spark Notes version or something and then read the actual book. Great post!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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