Things I Love…


I thought this was a fun little thing to start and did a previous post called Things I Love To Find in Books. This one I decided to focus on the things I love about reading. This will include all things associated with reading and the benefits I find with reading!

♠ The Book Community

One of the best benefits to starting a book blog was the introduction into the book community. I have been able to discover so many amazing bloggers, booktubers and books from my interactions and surfing of the inter-webs. I have also have been presented with all the goodies like arcs, cheap books and books I would have never known about before. Not many people in my personal life are into books and reading and being a book blogger has given me an outlet to share my love of books and reading with other book lovers!

♠ The Escape

I have to admit most times I am an escapist reader. I think this is where my problem with contemporary comes from… most of it is just too real for me (along with many of them having annoying characters etc) Life is crazy and stressful and it is nice to dive into another world and life for awhile.

♠ Learning, Knowledge, Experience

There is so much you can learn from reading a book. Even though a lot of the books I read are fiction there is still a great deal of research and fact put into those books. But also by reading non-fiction, biographies/memoirs etc. you can learn so much and gain knowledge about lives, situations and experiences that you have not had to deal with.

♠ The Physical Book/Bookmarks

I spend lots of time staring at my bookshelves. Yes I am strange and weird, just accept it! I love owning physical books and being able to showcase my favorites and all the books I have read. They are all so pretty and look amazing on display. Also bookmarks. I collect bookmarks as well and love all the different types and kinds. Recently I have been obsessed with Craftedvan bookmarks from etsy.

♠ Bookstores

I am absolutely in love with going to bookstores. Even if I go in and dont buy anything I can spend hours of time scanning the shelves and walking around. Its fun to read the tags on the shelves to see which books the employees recommend. And so many independent bookstores are so adorable and have some amazing and unique finds!

♠ Me Time

Whether I am actually reading or pretending to in order to be left alone, it is nice to take some time and just be alone. Everyone needs those nights of staying in with a hot cup of coffee, snuggling up on the couch and losing yourself in a book.

♠ Magic of a Story

Nothing is better than falling in love with a story, the characters or the world. It leads to the best fangirl worthy merch and obsessions! I love becoming all consumed into a world/story or fall absolutely in love with a character.

♠ Never Being Bored

I carry a book with me everywhere I go. There are always times you find yourself waiting in line or at a doctors appt. and nothing is worse than sitting forever and being bored. You cannot be bored with a great book to read!

What are some of the things you love about reading?



3 thoughts on “Things I Love…

  1. These are some really nice points and I think you covered all of the great things about being a reader! I definitely have to agree with all of these, especially the book blogging community. It’s wonderful to come on here and talk about books and have everyone UNDERSTAND what your talking about! 🙂


  2. All of these are so true! I never understand how people can be bored when there are books in the world! They can take you anywhere for a couple of hours 🙂 I also love going to bookstores! It’s the best when they have comfy chairs so you can just sit and read all day!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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