Horns | Movie Edition


I watched this movie a few months ago and thought it was about time to share my thoughts on it. Let me just say they definitely did one thing right with this movie, it is as strange as the book was.

The thing that I found I liked most about the movie is that it was less confusing at times and helped me to connect somethings I was lost on in the book. On top of being a jumbled mess and losing something being transferred from pages to screen, I also felt that the movie was missing part of the back story on Lee. It played out more like a strange comedy than a creepy horror story.

The movie dragged on a little too long for me and although some people seemed to think Radcliffe did a great job, I did not think he was right for the role. That might be in part as I can only see him as Harry Potter and that is limiting and unfair, but I just do not think this was the right role or film for him. There were also moments during the film that I felt slightly uncomfortable, which is saying a lot for me because it does not happen to easily.

Overall my thoughts on this movie was that it just was not a movie I would ever watch again. It was strange and scattered and did not get that point across that the book led to in my opinion. I watched this with a friend who has never read the book and she was so confused about what we just saw.

I would love to hear what you thought of the book or movie!

Horns Book Review 


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