2015 Bookish Bucket List | Wrap-Up

As I plan out my goals and bucket list for 2016, I figured it would be a good time to wrap up my bucket list from 2015.

♠ Read at least 45 books. I was not able to complete this goal this year. I read a total of 30 books. Which is more than I thought I would read this year. 

♠ Complete Anna Karenina. Maybe someday I will actually complete this books. I loved it when I started it like two years ago. I just have to pick it up and finish it. 

♠ Keep up with reviews. I still have some from last year I need to complete. Oops! 

♠ Read more classics. Quite the trend of not completing goals this year. This was a no too.

♠ Keep my book purchasing to sequels. For most of the year I did not buy any books. So this is a accomplishment. But the past two months I have bought so many so it takes away from all the work I did throughout the year. 

♠ Finish the Harry Potter series. *Hides in the corner and cowers in shame*

♠ Catch up on review book. This is one of my biggest goals for 2016. I refuse to let myself get behind on books authors/publishers have given me. 

♠ Figure out a new set-up/blog posts/features. This is still a work in progress and I am hoping for this to all come together in 2016! 

♠ Read at least three daunting books. Nope. I didn’t even read a book over 500 pages. 

♠ Read up all/or a majority of the works by one author.  I read a great deal of Cora Carmack’s work this year so I am going to count this as my only win of the bucket list.

So this year I didn’t complete my goals, but I am still happy. Here is to 2016 be better with the goals! 


3 thoughts on “2015 Bookish Bucket List | Wrap-Up

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