7 Qualities We Love About Book Bad Boys


This month Samantha @The Rambling Book Junkie and I are reading Built by Jay Crownover.  If you have read any of Crownover’s books you know she writes  amazing bad boy characters! At least for me, I always fall in love with the bad boys in books. So what is it that makes us fall head over heels for these dreamy bad boys when we know better.

There is nothing sexier than confidence. It makes the character authentic and so very real. Who doesn’t love a bad boy with a rebellious streak and the strong confidence, not feeling the need to “fit in”.

It all goes hand in hand. Bad boys are usually on top of their wit game. Throwing around the sass and sarcasm like nobody’s business. Layered on top of the teasing and snarky nature they all full of charm that just oozes out of their being. It is hard not to fall hard and fast for a boy that can intelligently charm the pants off of you.

On top of being honest down to their core, no matter how much it might hurt they also don’t try to be someone they aren’t. They tell it like it is and that is part of the reason we are so drawn to them. It is refreshing and invigorating to have such honesty thrown at you.

Rugged, a man’s man, strong and protective. Although I am a feminist there is always something about a man who is protective, dominant, and aggressive to a point. It usually means he will go after what he wants with a strong unwavering passion. There will be no mistaking how he feels about you and what he is willing to do to have and protect you.

Independence also transfers over to being rebellious and a bit unattainable. He likes to do his own thing and is completely his own person. This causes him to be unique and one of a kind with a little fun flare that is sure to spice up life.

Spontaneity is not in short supply when it comes to a bad boy. He does what he wants and you never know what to expect. It makes it fun and exciting and filled with danger and adventure. He will push you out of your comfort zone and make you grab life by the balls!

Bad boys are always driven by something. Whatever that may be fills them with drive and passion beyond compare. It also usually shows their soft side and their deep loyalty. It just takes a little work to get to it, but is not a task you will regret!

What are some qualities that make you  weak in the knees, lightheaded and completely love struck over book bad boys? 

Make sure you also check out Samantha’s playlist for the Jay Crownover books!


12 thoughts on “7 Qualities We Love About Book Bad Boys

  1. Oh, a huge YES to this entire post! I am a total weakling for my bad boy characters, even though, in real life, I look down upon most of the ‘bad boys’ around. But I love that you did this post because, you point out the qualities we like in them. Confidence is so attractive. And nothing beats a snarky, witty character!
    I just am frantically nodding in agreement at this entire post right now, I love it!

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  3. Loved this! I totally agree with you! While reading this I had a smile in my face all time because what you say is so true! Great great post! And I love bad boys haha 😀


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