The Spoken Word | Storytelling Exploration

I saw this on the internet and it really caught my attention. I am not a huge fan of reading poetry (although I do enjoy some), but have become a big fan of the spoken word. Especially when it is covering topics that are so important and ones that always seem to be so taboo. It is nice to see  some people taking a stand and going out to prove a point and send a message. I think the idea and mission behind the non-profit Get Lit is amazing. We need more organizations like this in our society. Literacy and education are such an important things as well as the messages these kids are relaying. I just thought I would share these videos because they moved me so much. The are real and heart breaking as well as completely true to our society. I think these kids are so brave and we need to have more people like them in the world. They prove that it is just as important to have the spoken word and to speak out as it is to read and write the truth. Every story is meant to be shared regardless of how glamorous it is. Slam poetry is another amazing way for someone to let their voice to be heard! I have also included another amazing slam poetry video by some students at Rutgers University.


2 thoughts on “The Spoken Word | Storytelling Exploration

  1. I saw that first one on the Queen Latifah show and oh my goodness, it was so powerful. Slam poetry really has a way of getting to you- I’ll have to watch the rest now. There’s one on youtube that is called, I believe “what guys look for in girls” or something like that and is really good.


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