Beautiful Broken Mess by Kimberly Lauren| Audiobook Review


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

“I’d do it all over again, knowing that you were going to be there at the end. I’d walk through the sadness and the loneliness all over again for you.”
― Kimberly Lauren, Beautiful Broken Mess

Series: Broken Trilogy
Beautiful Broken Rules (#1 Broken Trilogy)

Jace Riley and Audrey Mills had a tender and irresistibly passionate romance…until Audrey shattered his heart. Years later, she still can’t stop thinking about him. They shared kisses that she’ll never forget, and one brief, explosive encounter that she wishes she could. But no boy could rescue Audrey from her nightmarish home life, so she rescued herself, got through college and got into graduate school…only to find herself at the same school as Jace and his identical twin brother, Jaxon, who has his own complicated history with her.

It takes only one glimpse of Audrey’s long legs and brown eyes for Jace to ache for her once more. Yet he’s determined not to fall for her again. She ripped apart his heart and betrayed his brother…or so he thought. But what if Jace made a terrible mistake about Audrey? And what if he has one last chance to fix it?

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* Warning may contain spoilers for the first book in the trilogy*

In this book we get to see more of Jace Riley and his long drawn out relationship trails with Audrey Mills. We first see Audrey in book one when she comes to visit and almost messes up everything with Jax and Emerson. I was excited that Jace was getting his own book because he is one of my favorite characters from this series, but I was hesitant about him being with Audrey. That was until their story started to unfold. We go back to when they first met and all of the issues that arose and played out up to the current point in history. As excited as I was for Jace’s story I was a little let down. 

I found that at times the relationship between the two of them was unhealthy and got very frustrating. As much as I love the boys that are passionate and go after what they want, I felt like at times Jace was too possessive when he did not have any right to be so. Audrey was just seen as a prize or looked at through judgement colored glasses. There were times when the story was repetitive and dragged out and caused me to be frustrated. The book took me on an emotional rollercoaster as it covered many dark and touchy subjects. You get to see the other characters from the first books and see how their relationships are developing and growing!

“The journey was hard, yes, but falling in love with you was easy.”
― Kimberly Lauren, Beautiful Broken Mess

Overall I thought this was an okay continuation in the trilogy and loved to see more of all the wonderful, full of life characters. The story that blossomed between Jace and Audrey was adorable, steamy and tragic. I was not fond of the jumping back and forth within chapters, but did like the background of the story and the dual prospective. It deals with more mature topics and Lauren does it in an admirable and realistic way. The ending was absolutely beautiful and for the most part saved the whole book for me, my absolute favorite part was Jace’s monologue! I have to say though that epilogue left out a very important aspect of the story that left me full of questions, what happened to Chuck? But regardless I thought this was a solid book and I am excited to read the last book and learn more about Lane! 



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