Ashley’ Adventures on the Internet | #11



I take search terms people use that-2


*disclaimer: I have not altered these phrases. They are exactly as they appear on my stats page. These are search terms of real people*

♦ males+and+female+twins+switching+places+stories

Well if you are looking for some twin switching places stories you can watch The Parent Trap. But since you so specifically mentioned male and female twins I would suggest the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce books! It is a series about a brother and sister that switch places so the girl can go off to become a knight!

♦ book set got capa azul

I am not quite sure what you are searching/ looking for. Are you looking for a book set that has a blue coat? Spanglish doesn’t go over very well with me because I do not know what it means.

♦ I love new york on summer afternoons when everyone’s away meaning

Well just going out on a limb here but I think it means that they love when everyone is away on New York summer afternoons. I mean that’s just a guess.


4 thoughts on “Ashley’ Adventures on the Internet | #11

  1. Omg I love this!!! What a brilliant, clever idea!! My blog isn’t even vary active & every so often I meander over there and get the WIERDEST searches… Unfortunatly after I reviewed Grasshopper Jungle a lot of those are sadly kinda disturbing.
    This post made my morning though!! Too hilarious!


  2. I really do get the most random searches that lead people to my blog. Some of them are normal, but then you find those absolute odd ones. I don’t get nearly as much as I use to so that is kind of sad because I found it entertaining. I am glad you enjoyed this 🙂

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