Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Buzz Words


Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey (YouTube, Goodreads) and if you would like to join, here is the link for the Goodreads group with all the information.

This week’s topic is Favorite Buzz Words!  

(words used to describe a book that is a guarantee buy for you)

Epic Fantasy”

I absolutely love fantasy books and when it is taglined or said to be an epic fantasy I cannot wait to pick it up to read.

♠ “New, dark take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Anything dealing with Alice in Wonderland is a seller for me, especially when it is a dark take!

♠”  Audacious criminals, confident tricksters, heists, thieves”

Anything that mentions criminals, thieves and heists are books that I cannot wait to get my hands on. They are usually action packed and full of humor.

♠ Princesses/Queens, Assassins, Royal Kingdom

I am a girl to the core and anything that deals with princess, pretty dresses knights in shinning armor, kingdoms, hired assassins and fairy tales are a go to.

♠ “Beautifully twisted, Dark madness”

I am always a fan of the dark and twisted and especially dark humor. May make me a little strange, but there is always something great about a book that doesn’t have happy endings or what you expect. Things that seem to be a little darker have a place in my heart.

What are some of your favorite buzz words?


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Buzz Words

  1. Yes!!! Anything that deals with Princesses/Queens, Assassins and Royal kingdoms is a definite buy for me too!!! And of course anything that is Epic Fantasy!

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  2. Epic Fantasy is definitely for me. I just love it so when a book is considered in that I just feel interested about it. I also like whatever criminal things has in it. I’m sorry I can’t help it and I don’t want to haha I love books related to mafia and that kind of thing. Assasins are other thing I love, kingdoms, army, I just love those. The last one you said definitely gets my attention. Overall, I just said almost everything you said haha

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