Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | TV Show Review

This may contain spoilers if you have not watched. Proceed with great caution. 

I must say I was definitely one of the hundreds excited when I first heard the announcement that Netflix was going to be doing a revival of Gilmore Girls. I absolutely adore this tv series and have watched it countless number of times. Growing up a felt a connection to Rory. Her love of books was contagious. The wit and sarcasm that the Gilmore girls display really resonates with me. This is a tv series that I could never get enough of no matter how many times I watch it.

After having finished watching the new episodes in their entirety I was left with many emotions and a feeling of incompleteness. I did what I do and I went to the internet. I looked up articles and searched for others opinions. I even texted some friends that had watched it as well to find out what their feelings were. I came to a few conclusions and some completed thoughts about my feelings on this revival.

  1. The comparison between Lorelai and Rory lives                                                                    It is no surprise to me the direction they went with this. The mirrored decisions and life paths that Lorelai and Rory have had was not something that just appeared in this revival. It has been happening all along. Rory was raised by a single mother and has looked up to her mother and confided in her throughout the series. Lorelai is Rory’s best friend. It became even more evident in this revival about how much Rory’s love interests and romantic relationships mirror Lorelai’s. Logan is just like Christopher and Jess is just like his uncle Luke.                                                                   
  2. Full Circle                                                                                                                                          They have brought the show full circle. Rory is starting her life almost at the same point in which Lorelai was when we first met her. She is 32, about to me a single mother.
  3. Left Unfinished                                                                                                                                     With this being said, I am really hoping they plan on continuing the Tv show. The way it ended was so unfulfilling. So many things went unanswered. What is going to happen to Rory? Who is the father? There are just so many questions and I think that was what I was so upset about. I did love that Luke and Lorelai finally got married!
  4. Rory’s Actions and Behavior                                                                                                               The things she does seem horrible and in no way am I saying adultery/cheating is okay, but I am also not surprised it happened. It was also not okay how she was treating Paul. I have to say the whole Paul part could have been left out, but in a way it added to the comedy and character of the Gilmore Girls. It added to the fact that Rory’s life is so crazy right now and she has so much going on that it added to those final words.


Did you watch the revival? What were your thoughts and opinions? I would love to chat to others about what they thought and if they think it will be continued! 


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