Ashley’s Adventures on the Internet | #13



I take search terms people use that-2


*disclaimer: I have not altered these phrases. They are exactly as they appear on my stats page. These are search terms of real people*

The weirdness has seemed to disappear from my search terms, but that does not mean I no longer come across a few strange phrase that are searched and lead to my blog.

good night hd sexy kiss pic

Well I do not think I was able to provide them with what they searched for. Do people really type this into search bars. This is some shit for tumblr not google. Get it together people.

what are major events in the book sanctum by roux

Well I will never understand why people search things like this either. Why dont you read the book and then you will know what the major events that happened were. Unless you were trying to refresh your mind before reading the next book in the series, but for that you should be searching for a summary, but most people who write reviews do not write summaries. I wish them the best of luck. I know in Sanctum they go into the basement and madness ensues!

kissing on boobs and sunk image with boyfriend

I really start to question my blog and the things I write when I seen this phrase has been used to lead someone to my site. I just don’t even know what to say about this by why?What was this person looking for? I am sure they were completely satisfied when then stumbled across my blog. 

when did madeleine roux go to college

I am sorry, but I do not know this answer. I am curious as to why this person was searching for this? Was it out of per curiosity, was there a purpose? I am never one to do much research on authors so I am just curious as to how much and how often people research authors.


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