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I have been watching a lot of tv lately. Since entertainment is closely linked to reading as well I thought it would be fun to share posts and thoughts on other topics than just books. Some of these tv shows are based on books so that makes it fun too.


Seasons: 1

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Source: Netflix

Two FBI agents, fighting the departmental stigma of backroom boys – those who try to complicate the status quo of simple MMO of crime-solving with academics – work to develop an innovative investigative field incorporating psychology as a method to reveal motive. They acknowledge classic crime-solving – Means, Motive, Opportunity – as no longer sufficient because criminality is becoming more complicated as Motive graduates from need & greed, to inexplicable and irrational reasons. They theorize applying deeper psychological evaluation will posit new questions. Simply, asking Why will lead to the Who. This series focuses on the development of two men, two agents, a new criminal field and does so through storylines of visiting the sociopathic mind. The show is based on the real-life experiences of John Douglas, a special agent who pioneered the practice of psychological profiling during his 25 years with the FBI.

I spent the past weekend binge watching the new Netflix original, Mindhunter the tv show based on the works of John E Douglas and his novel Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. This show is totally bingeworthy and I completed it in just 2 days time. True Crime has always been an interest of mine as well as the idea of serial killers and the behavioral analysis. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows. So when I saw Mindhunter appear on Netflix I was instantly intrigued.

I am not going to lie I was nervous the first few episodes because it is a slow going show. It takes some patience because this is not a high action packed show, but it is so intriguing and really draws you in with the amazing acting. It makes you think and really gets your mind working, questioning the actions of individuals. Episode by episode you are delving more and more into the mind of a serial killer and figuring out why they did what they did and their own rationale. You see the evolution and creation of the terminology we most commonly use today. You get to see the effects on the FBI agents real life due to the work and discoveries they make while meeting with these criminals. It was such a different time then it is now. So much was considered taboo and not talked about openly. With the technology we have this day and age along with social media, topics and terminology are commonly known and used.

I thought that the acting was well done. As they meet with the criminals I was hanging on their every word waiting to see what they would say. I wholly believe that we are curious about those things we do not understand and I think that is why so many people are drawn to shows like this that express the thoughts going through the person who committed such horrendous crimes. Psychology, the way the mind works is such an every changing study, from stressors to predisposed incidents that lead people to do what they do or make certain choices. I think it is something they have done a lot of work on, but will never be completed solved.

Overall I think this was an awesome watch. It was filled with riveting characters and dialogue, layered with the horrible and gruesome acts that for some reason so many people are so fascinated with (myself included). It makes you think and really goes into the psychology and behavior of what we today refer to as serial killers. If you like true crime, the human psyche or are just intrigued by serial killers and the way they think this is a show for you!



2 thoughts on “Mindhunter | TV Watch List

  1. This is on my watchlist as well and I keep meaning to start it but I never have the time. I’ve gotten really into Criminal Minds lately which is sort of related (centers around an FBI BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) and it’s so cool to watch them figure people out! I’ll definitely have to watch this one soon 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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