Books Best Friend |Candle Edition

I have decided to do a series on my blog dedicated to where to find those all amazing things that book lovers need in their life or things based on books that we love. I am always spending time lost on the internet searching for cute bookish things and I thought I would make it a little easier for others and share the cute things that I have found. My first post was dedicated to those things that I would not be able to read a book without. This post is another one for those amazing bookish themed objects that can be found all over my apartment and are always lit while I read! 

Dio Candle Company 

 This has become one of my new favorite shops! The candles are so cute and adorable. They have multiple different sizes and have more than just bookish themed candles. They have a whole Disney section that I cannot wait to get in my possession! They even have a monthly subscription candle box where you get four candles for only $25!

Adorable Size 1 oz- $4.50
Very Adorable Size 4oz- $11.50
Super Adorable Size 8oz- $20.00


These candles are so perfect! I was gifted this set awhile ago and I adore them! These are so many different bookish options and there is a wide range of sizes and options. The colors are so vibrant and the titles to the candles are on point!

Prices range from $7.50- $19.50 +shipping


Flick the Wick 

Flick the Wick has a ton of options from bookish themed to holiday themed. Their packaging is so adorable! They have both 4oz and 8oz options as well as a monthly subscription box.
4oz – $8.00
8oz- $15.90
Monthly Subscription Box- $39.99 (included in Jan box:
・Three exclusive 2oz black tin candles
・One exclusive 4oz glass jar candle
・Book sleeve by @bookbubbie

4-5 exclusive bookish items)

From The Page 

From the Page has an adorable and simple look that makes it a must have candle! They have a wide range of book themed candles, ranging from 8oz to wax melts! They offer bulk prices and sample packs!

Wax Tarts $5.00
8oz Soy Candle $11.99
4- 2oz tins $12.00

The Bookish Flame 

The first thing that caught my eye about The Bookish Flame was these Hogwarts House blends. So many people identify as mixed houses and these are perfect! The have quite a few different book selections that they theme their candles around. There are wax melts and 4-9 oz candle options! Also a variety of different bundle options!

Wax Tart $5.00
4oz candles $7.00
9oz candles $14.00

Canterbury Road Co

They may be a little newer to the candle scene but they have a lot to offer! They have unique designs and offer some different themed candles I haven’t seen before. They are featuring some holiday candles and have such fun scents!

Wax Melts $5.00
4oz candles $8.50
8oz candles $ 17.00

There are many amazing shops that you can find adorable custom made book character/themed candles. All the ones I have listed have great options and make awesome products. I could keep going with this list, but if you would like to see another post in the future featuring more let me know! Let me know what some of your favorite shops for candles are! 


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