5 Tips On How To Properly Describe A Love Scene| Guest Post

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5 Tips On How To Properly Describe A Love Scene

The alluring romantic scenes play a vital role in affecting the reader’s impression of the whole literary piece, or at least its chapter. That is why when writing a novel or a story, you should mind the effect the love scenes may bring to the interested audience. However, people often consider writing a love scene an easy task, which is indeed very different.

Let’s look at 5 tips for the successful description of a love scene.

1. Treat it like any other scene

Make sure you don’t consider the love scene as a different scene to make it viable. Just go with the basics, as you do for other scenes. For instance, ask yourself, why is this scene necessary? What changes and turning points will the scene bring to the plot? What points may be revealed in this scene?

You don’t need to throw the best love scenes in a gracious manner, which will eventually lower the interest of the readers. Introduce and make out scene with hidden effects, where they are needed. Moreover, consider the peculiarities of the romantic acts you want to show and describe in the scene. Some stories only have kissing episodes, and some go a step ahead to develop the attention. Also, using the scene adequately renders the writer to feel less embarrassed when their words are read out.

2. Don’t get distracted by the external sources

Sometimes getting into the character’s head and then composing best romantic scenes can be difficult because of some incessant distraction. These distractions may include children playing in the background, bills kept on the desk, family gossiping around, etc. So, you should avoid distractions while writing a love scene. Find a private place or consider playing romantic music to create an appropriate mood.

Additionally, some authors drive away for their privacy. However, further practice in composing a love scene (with each written chapter) will eventfully enable you to write those regardless of the surrounding atmosphere.

3. Consider using the point of view of opposite gender

When composing an intimate episode, the author is usually writing the scene from own perspective. The same as when writers from custom essay writing services get an order to write a paper, but always with the guidelines in order not to write what they want, but what the customer need! Writing from own perspective may result in a biased impression, which is not related to the character’s features. Therefore, the opposite gender’s point of view can be used to write an enticing scene. This will make you follow the character’s demand, and it will prevent you from imposing your own experiences in the scene.

So, considering the opposite gender’s approach will help you to reflect upon some ideas widely and put the scene in a pattern. In addition, it will be a valuable writing exercise for you.

4. Read the romance stories which are similar to your writing

Reading romance stories will render you to develop a positive approach towards the make-out scenes, leaving the embarrassment behind. Besides, reading the stories having the heat level which you want to express serves as a learning material for you. Also, you will be closer to reaching a proper balance of physical, mental, and emotional description in own writing.

There are three main categories of heat levels in romance writing:


  • Sweet romance

It comprises kisses as well as subtle heat levels. The latter are closed-door episodes or illusions.


  • Mainstream romance

It includes the subtle, warm, and hot heat levels. These contain the scenes with a closed door or allusion as well as physical descriptions of very sensual, explicit desires.


  • Erotic romance

It has got the burning heat level, which describes the explicit scenes, intense sexual feelings, and desires.


Read the romance stories one level above what you intend to write. This will help you to use your imagination properly and easily apply the details to your masterpiece.

5. Go straight and show the real feeling of the character

While writing episodes similar to romantic love scenes in books, don’t wallow on describing the scene; just be straight with the description. Moreover, use the setting to make the appropriate mood for the characters. For example, you may use the romantic setting to hint the reader of the next scene with the main characters.


Overall, the craft of love writing is not as easy as one may think. However, I hope that these tips will help you to achieve the perfect balance in sensual expression of love in your own works.


Paul Calderon is a freelance writer from Texas, who is writing for https://eduzaurus.com. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature. He is a creative person, who is always in search of self-development and constantly hones his writing skills. His life motto is “do what you love and love what you do.”




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