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So I recently was going through my kindle and updating my goodreads with the books I own. I realized I own a lot of ebooks that I have forgotten about and that I need to be better at keeping track of these. Also I need to start reading these books because as I went through the list I noticed some books that I am intrigued by and want to read sooner than others. I also noticed something else really interesting. There are a few kindle books in which I own the 1st and/or the 1st and 2nd books. As I was looking at them in goodreads it became apparent that the books following in the series are not out yet. Now of course this comes to no surprise because you cannot expect all the books in the series to be out right away, but with these books they have been out for years. There is one book, which is a fantasy book (so you know those usually are not standalone and don’t just end with everything all wrapped up nicely) that the 1st book came out in 2013 and there is still no information about when the 2nd book will be published if it even will. The best example I have is the Gentleman Bastard Series by Scott Lynch. When I first discovered The Lies of Locke Lamora, I was so intrigued and fell in love with Lynch’s writing, world development and the overall story. I have put off reading the 3rd book forever because the publication date of the 4th one keeps getting pushed back. It would be so sad to see this awesome series just end where it is without being completed. But if I knew that before I read the 1st book I might not have picked it up at all.

I feel like this situation is much like how I feel about TV shows that got cancelled. There are some that people rave about the first few seasons, but then the show gets cancelled for whatever reason. But you want to watch because everyone says its so good. In doing so though you know that you will be left with questions that go unanswered. I have a hard time doing this. Even with completed series of tv shows, there are endings that I am unhappy with or feel like it didn’t end right, answering all the questions I had.

So I guess what I am trying to get at is, Are these books worth reading? Do I spend my time reading a story that may never be complete?


4 thoughts on “Do I Read/ Continue? | Rants & Riddles

  1. I’ve never really thought about that before. I guess I’ve been lucky enough to always have my series completed. I’d be interested to know what others thought!


  2. This is why I usually end up so behind the rest of the book community on reading series because I wait until are the books are released. That way I do not run into this problem.


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