Alice in Wonderland Collection

If you didn’t already know I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was about time to share my collection. I hope at some point to take better pictures and I am sure I missed some of my Alice themed items. Like I know I forgot my mug, my water tumbler (its at work)  and my jewlery. I will be update pictures as my collection grows. 


11 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Collection

  1. Great collectibles, I too love Alice in Wonderland (not as much as you) but I have a few things, I have an awesome mug, it likes like 3 mugs one on top of the other with a handle on either side.
    The books have lovely covers, the copy I have is no where near as pretty.

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  2. You have so much great stuff! I especially love the books as they’re just so pretty 😛 I have the one that’s on the left in your fourth picture as well and love it so much! I haven’t read all the stories in it though, as it’s just so heavy haha


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  4. I love the things you’ve collected! I’m also a huge fan of alice in wonderland 😊 I especially love the little bags that you have ❤️

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  5. Thanks! I should probably do an update post because I have gotten a bit more. Also the makeup bags are my favorite I believe they came from that adult Disney store. I can’t think of the name right now


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