Dio Candle Co. Adorable Monthly | February Box

So in search of all things bookish for different people and gift boxes and stumbled upon this adorable candle shop on Etsy. In my gushing over their page I discovered their website! I love subscription boxes and saw that they did a monthly box that included 4 different candles that fit a theme. The price is really reasonable so I thought I would give it a try. I am now hooked and I am sure to become their biggest supporter.Check out their instagram @diocandleco ! 

February’s Theme: The Greatest Michaels of All Time 

*  My Michael

* #23

* World’s Best Boss

* King of Pop

They also do this really fun instagram challenge that is associated with each candle! If you complete all the challenges you could get a gift! I will update this as I take the pictures!


* My Michael Challenge*

*#23 Challenge*

* World’s Best Boss Challenge*

* King of Pop Challenge*


March’s Theme: Mall Madness

Use the code: DownTheBookHole for 10% off your purchase! 



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