Friday Reads | #ARCAugust & Traveling Book Time


With the end of August upon us it means I need to kick it into gear with all of the ARCs I have to read, especially the ones that come out in September. I am also starting to switch the seasons in my head and have been craving thrillers,mysteries and paranormal reads in anticipation for fall and HALLOWEEN!!! My current read, Seventh Born by Monica Sanz  is definitely fulfilling my fall needs because it revolved around witches at boarding school. I know what  you are thinking, Ashley that sounds too much like Harry Potter. And I will tell you right now it gives off some vibes/feels of HP for the fact that it is a boarding school for magic, it also slightly reminds me at times of Vampire Academy because they focus on elements. With that being said I am only a little over half way through it and although it seems like it might be to much like those two stories I am here to tell you it is not. It gives me those warm fuzzy feelings because it has elements that remind me of those other series I love, but it has such a unique backstory ( one that I am so drawn into and needing more from) It has the magic school story, it has mystery and it has elements of witch hunt, romance and secrets. I cant wait to see where the story goes! I also started Little Monsters by Kara Thomas as an audiobook. I am not very far into it so I don’t have much to say thought wise, but I needed a mystery/thriller. 

I am hoping to be able to start Home and Away by Candice Montgomery this weekend as it is the book I am reading for the traveling book group I am in. We all picked a book that we will read and annotate and then rotate them throughout the group doing the same thing with each book until we get our own book back. By that time it will have a bunch of annotations from everyone in the group! I am really excited about it and cant wait to keep you all update throughout the next months as we do this!

What are you reading this weekend?



2 thoughts on “Friday Reads | #ARCAugust & Traveling Book Time

  1. I bought Little Monsters not too long ago. I hope to squeeze it in when the review books thin out. I really enjoyed Thomas’ debut, and am hoping this one works for me too. Hope you like it.


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