#OTSPSecretSister R9 | August Package

In case you aren’t aware of what #otspsecretsister is:
The Secret Sister project is essentially a cheer club. Think Secret Santa but all year round (in 6 month intervals) with less emphasis on big presents, and more thoughtful notes, cards, small somethings sent just to let your secret sister know that you are thinking about her!

This is my fourth round participating in the #otspsecretsister project. The first time I did the pen pal tier and really enjoyed it! There is nothing better than receiving mail! This round I am participating in the top tier. This project is everything. I have made so many friends and tons of pen pals. I love doing the shopping and putting together packages for my secret sister. This is the first package I received from the person who has me this round and I absolutely adore the office theme! My office is kind of bare and boring according to my coworkers so it was nice to add some fun and colorful office supplies! Also I absolutely adore the wrapping paper!

♣ Sour Patch Kids

♣ Colorful Pens

♣ Mini Dry Erase Board

♣ Rubberband Ball

♣ Metal Organization Bin & Pen Holder

♣ World Stress Ball & World Pen

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

♣ 7 Day a Week Task Pad

♣ Mermaid & Cat Notebook

♣ She Believe She Could So She Did Wooden Sign

♣ Cat Sticky Note Holder

♣ Rainbow Sticky Notes

The aftermath of opening my package. The cats favorite part.

I am excited for Septembers gifts and cant wait to share them and my journey with #otspsecretsister with all of you! 


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