Friday Reads | Hiding From The Cold

downthebookholeIt snowed this morning and its colder than an ice cube outside. That means besides running a few errands and going to the gym this weekend I will be hiding in my apartment cleaning, watching the new season of The Great British Baking Show and reading a ton! I have a quite a few books I want to be able to finish this weekend. I need to focus on reading over social media because social media and rewatching Grey’s Anatomy have been consuming all of my time. I am currently about halfway through  I’ll Be Gone In the Dark by Michelle McNamara, so far this book has been so gripping, but it has been freaking me out since I live alone. The slow reveal of the events, connections and horrific acts is so brilliantly done. I also started The Crowns of Croswald by D.E Night which is one of the books from the Traveling Book group I am a part of with some others from the book community. So far the book is whimsical and full of magic, which is very reminiscent of Harry Potter. It is a quickish read but is taking me a little longer because I am writing in the margins and making notes. I have been falling asleep the past few nights listening to the audiobook of Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I have only made it about a third of the way through because I dont last very long before passing out. This is a reread for me and I am so glad that I am rereading this series because I am enjoying it just as much as the first time. This was the first YA series that really got me back into reading other books rather than just rereading all the books I loved. Today I picked up the whole Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull from the library. I received book 1 & 2 in the spinoff series by Brandon Mull and figured I should read this original series first! So tons of reading to be had this weekend!

What are you reading this weekend?



#OTSPSecretSister| September/October Box

In case you aren’t aware of what #otspsecretsister is:
The Secret Sister project is essentially a cheer club. Think Secret Santa but all year round (in 6 month intervals) with less emphasis on big presents, and more thoughtful notes, cards, small somethings sent just to let your secret sister know that you are thinking about her!

This is my fourth round participating in the #otspsecretsister project. The first time I did the pen pal tier and really enjoyed it! There is nothing better than receiving mail! This round I am participating in the top tier. These are the past 2 month boxes! I was gone for awhile and my sister was nice enough to hold off sending the September one until I got back! These boxes were too perfect and had such amazing things in them that had me squealing with joy!

September – Halloween Theme








Catacomb & The Asylum Novellas by Madeleine Roux – I have been wanting to finish this series forever and was so happy to receive this book. I have already finished it and the novellas and enjoyed them.

♣ Black Cat & Maleficent Magnetic Bookmarks

♣ Halloween List Pad

♣ Fizzy Fairy Bath Cafe- Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bomb (its so cool I dont even want to use it!)

♣ Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffin Candle- that smells absolutely amazing!

♣ Skeleton Lantern

♣ Halloween Themed Towels

♣ Halloween Themed Candy!

♣ Halloween Socks

October – Treat Yo Self 

The Tiger’s Daughter by K Arsenault Rivera- I have only heard great things about this and even though I have been avoiding fantasy books like the plague I have been really craving a good fantasy.

♣ Face Masks

♣ Shhh Eye Mask

♣ Bath Bomb

♣ Nail Polish

♣ My favorite kinds of Hot Cocoa!

♣ Pusheen Mermaid Mug – This thing is perfection! I am obsessed with Pusheen

♣ Dove Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel

♣ Awesome socks!

Is anyone else participating in this round of #otspsecretsister ! 

Things I Love | October Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things that I discovered, got or was just obsessed with in the month of October!

Masquerade Masks 

I absolutely love Halloween and the whole vibe that comes with the month of October. I was able to pick up some pretty awesome masks this month!











I adore pumpkins so much especially pumpkin flavored things! #PSL


I started Jazzercise classes this month with a coworker and although I struggle directionally they have been really fun.

TBR Cart

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself an awesome TBR Cart for my bedroom. The color is perfect and I love the way the books fit and that I am able to put bookish swag and supplies in the top bin!

Alice in Wonderland Shirt

I was able to partner up with with Melissa from Literary Book Gifts to offer my followers 20% off your order by using downthebookhole20 ! This site has so many awesome bookish shirts and tote bags that are perfect gifts for your friends and #otspsecretsister ! Check out the site at

What are some of your favorite things from the past month?

2018 Bookish Bucket List | October Update

Here goes year 4 doing this! And I think this is going to be the year I actually complete my bookish bucket list! I really want to throw myself back into the book community and blogging world, the past few years have been a little tough to get the reading done and last year I set high goals, but came up short. 

♠ Read at least 75 books.
[I have been making more of an effort to set aside time each day to read as well as had quite a few arcs that I had to finish before the release day. I have currently read 55 books and DNFd 1]

♠ Read and Complete 10 Series.
[ I have completed 5 series so far! I am working on quite a few more. I have been really enjoying binge reading series! ]

♠ Read at least 6 BIG books. This is a repeat from last year.I feel like I am always so intrigued and interested in the huge books, but never get around to reading them because they are intimidating. (I am counting this as over 500 pages.)
[I have read 1 so far and really need to make more of an effort with this because so many fantasy books have over 500 pages and I feel like I have been avoiding fantasy books because of that.]

♠ Read 50 books from my TBR (#beatthebacklist)
[ So this is like a double because not all the books I read for #beatthebacklist are from my TBR. ]

TBR: 33   #Beatthebacklist: 42

♠ Read at least 5 Non-Fiction Books.
[I have completed 1 so far!]

♠ Post 3 Reviews a Month.
[ I have fallen really behind on this in the past 3 months , but have been trying to make sure all of my ARC reviews are going up!] 

♠ Create or Join A Book Club.
[ I really haven’t done this. I have just been such a mood reader lately it is hard.]

♠ Create my Own Read-A-Thon.  I want to create something that will become a yearly thing and go along with my blogiversary!
[ That happened in Feb! Check out the announcement post for my Down The Read-A-Thon Hole Challenge| Alice in Wonderland themed Read-A-Thon]

What are some of your 2018 goals/resolutions? How are you doing on them?