#Uppercasebox Mystery Bookish Swag

I cannot remember if this was a Black Friday deal or a Cyber Monday deal, but when I saw the awesome deal of a mystery bookish swag box for a steal of a price I could not pass it up! I love mysteries/surprises and Uppercase always has adorable bookish goodies. Sometimes I am so hesitant to get book boxes because what if I do not like the book, but the bookish goodies are always where it is at so I took the plunge and was completely surprised. The purchase was so worth it! I will link the shop (if I know it with each product so that you can get your own!)

♣ Reading is the Ultimate Adventure! Tote Bag 

This adorable tote has a cute little cat reading a book in the hot air balloon. This will be the perfect bag to take to the library and the bookstore!

♣ Harry Potter Themed Cookie Cutters by Frosted Cookies

I love baking so these will be such a nice addition to my baking collection!

♣ Once Upon A Time Necklace 

♣ Cassette Tape Bookmarks by Studio Ding Dong 

These are so adorable and the packaging is just too cute. I cannot wait to use these bookmarks!

♣ Alice in Wonderland Patches

I have no idea what I am going to do with these yet, but if you know anything about me its that I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and I am so excited to add these to my collection!

♣ Book Stack Art Print by Bella Adele Co 

I cant wait to add this on my wall with my other bookish prints!

♣ Vintage Stickies by Galison 

I do love stickies, but I think these might make the perfect gift for my #otspsecretsister!

♣ Medium Roast Coffee by Book Lovers Coffee 

I absolutely adore the coffee from this adorable bookish coffee shop. I have tried a variety of different flavors from them and fine the flavors so bold and fresh! Plus the packaging is on point!


Have you ever gotten a subscription box from Uppercase? What are your thoughts on bookish swag? What is your favorite kind of bookish swag? I would love to hear your thoughts! 


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Book Lover Christmas Gift List | 2018 Blogmas

With the gift giving season in the midst I thought I would share some of my favorite shops that would be perfect for those book lovers in your life!

Literary Book Gifts

I was able to partner up with with Melissa from Literary Book Gifts to offer my followers 20% off your order by using downthebookhole20 ! This site has so many awesome bookish shirts and tote bags that are perfect gifts for your friends, family and other book lovers in your life!

Book Lovers Coffee 

I mean what kind of book lover does not drink tons of coffee! It comes freshly roasted and has a fantastic taste. There are a variety of flavors and the packaging is absolutely adorable!

Dio Candle Company 

Dio Candle Company is ran by some amazing people and has the most adorable little candles. They have a variety of fandoms and even the overall book inspired candles in addition to a ton of other wonderful scents! There is also an awesome adorable monthly candle subscription box that has so much thought and effort put into it. I so enjoyed received those boxes every month! Use the discount code Downthebookhole to get a great deal on these already affordable candles!

Fizzy Fairy Apothecary 

What is better than reading a book in a nice bath? Fizzy Fairy has a great selection of bath bombs, lotions and soaps with many that are inspired by literature and fandoms! They are so well made and there are even bath bombs that have charms in them. As a lover of Alice in Wonderland they have so many inspired by alice and they may or may not be sitting in my cart!

Dreamy & Co

I just ordered some bookmarks from this shop for my #tbtbsanta! They turned out amazing and are so sturdy. This shop has so many different options including bookmarks, pins, booksleeves from a plethora of fandoms. They also have a monthly subscription box!


There are so many more shops and you can also check out my books best friends posts on bookmarks and candle editions!

What are some shops do you recommend for the book lovers in your life?


Books Best Friend | Bookmarks Edition

I have decided to do a series on my blog dedicated to where to find those all amazing things that book lovers need in their life or things based on books that we love. I am always spending time lost on the internet searching for cute bookish things and I thought I would make it a little easier for others and share the cute things that I have found. This first post is dedicated to those things that I would not be able to read a book without. I am not one for dog earring pages and although I so many times use whatever is available to me, cute bookmarks always making reading books that much better! (Also sorry ahead of time most of them shown are Alice in Wonderland, but I mean what did you expect from me.)

♥ ribonitachocolat on Etsy 

 ribonitachocolat has a few cute little book characters and the rest of the bookmarks are just absolutely adorable little creatures and characters. There bookmarks are custom made and their prices are reasonable, but they are based out of Portugal.

6 Piece Alice in Wonderland Characters- $16.70 +shipping
Single Bookmarks varying in size but on average 6″ – $2.25-$3.30 +shipping

 ReadandWonder on Etsy 

ReadandWonder has a wide variety of bookmarks based on bookish characters. They have both magnetic bookmarks of characters and quote bookmarks. Their bookmarks are custom made and hand drawn. Their prices are very reasonable as well as their shipping, they are based out of Australia.

Quote Bookmarks- $1.92 +shipping
Magnetic Bookmarks Singles up to Sets of 6-  $1.53- $9.20 +shipping

♥ TheWrigglingBookworm on Etsy 

TheWrigglingBookworm has super adorable designs of book characters plus just beautifully done designs of animals and flowers. They are digital prints so no need to pay shipping or wait for your order to arrive in the mail!

Set of 4 Bookmarks- $4.99

♥ Boookmarky on Etsy 

Boookmarky has a large variety of bookmarks based on a great selection of books. They have designs and quotes on them. Some bookmarks come with the option for a small amount more (like cents more) to add the mini bookmark or a charm. They are a little pricer.

Single Bookmark- $4.31+shipping

♥ BeyondthePages19 on Etsy 

BeyondthePages19 offers some more unique options then other stores I have found. They have characters from books that others do not make like Great Expectations and War and Peace. They also have some super cute hipster animals and these awesome Queens and the Wizard of OZ. They also offer quote bookmarks, some of my favorite ones being those quoting Gilmore Girls!

Magnetic Queen Set of 4- $7.67 + shipping
Magnetic Singles to Sets of 6- $2.30- $10.74 +shipping
Quote Bookmarks – $1.92 +shipping

 ♥ Target 

Target in my opinion has some awesome bookmark selection too and are even starting to get magnetic bookmarks. They have these awesome bookmarks that have a clock and you can record the time you are reading.

Mark My Time Bookmark- $8.99

NerdyGrlDesigns on Etsy

NerdyGrlDesigns characters are absolutely adorable. I love their use of pastels and they have a wide variety of options. They have both magnetic and regular bookmarks. I love their Disney designs (especially Moana) and their unicorns! They even have quote magnetic bookmarks which I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. They have very reasonable prices.

Alice in Wonderland Set of 6- $10.00 +shipping
Single to Set of 8 Magnetic Bookmarks- $3.25- $12.50 +shipping
Quote Bookmarks – $1.85 +shipping

There are many amazing shops that you can find adorable custom made book character bookmarks. All the ones I have listed have great options and make awesome products. I could keep going with this list, but if you would like to see another post in the future featuring more let me know! Let me know what some of your favorite shops for bookmarks are! 

Catch A Falling Star

YAY! I had finally won my first giveaway two weeks ago and just received the book, Catch A Falling Star by Christine M. Butler, in the mail!

IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1706

The book was just released at the beginning of March and I can’t wait to read it. I now have another autographed book to add to my collection and these awesome bookmarks that came with the book! Look out for my review and thoughts on the book that I am sure will be coming soon!