5 Tips On How To Properly Describe A Love Scene| Guest Post

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5 Tips On How To Properly Describe A Love Scene

The alluring romantic scenes play a vital role in affecting the reader’s impression of the whole literary piece, or at least its chapter. That is why when writing a novel or a story, you should mind the effect the love scenes may bring to the interested audience. However, people often consider writing a love scene an easy task, which is indeed very different.

Let’s look at 5 tips for the successful description of a love scene.

1. Treat it like any other scene

Make sure you don’t consider the love scene as a different scene to make it viable. Just go with the basics, as you do for other scenes. For instance, ask yourself, why is this scene necessary? What changes and turning points will the scene bring to the plot? What points may be revealed in this scene?

You don’t need to throw the best love scenes in a gracious manner, which will eventually lower the interest of the readers. Introduce and make out scene with hidden effects, where they are needed. Moreover, consider the peculiarities of the romantic acts you want to show and describe in the scene. Some stories only have kissing episodes, and some go a step ahead to develop the attention. Also, using the scene adequately renders the writer to feel less embarrassed when their words are read out.

2. Don’t get distracted by the external sources

Sometimes getting into the character’s head and then composing best romantic scenes can be difficult because of some incessant distraction. These distractions may include children playing in the background, bills kept on the desk, family gossiping around, etc. So, you should avoid distractions while writing a love scene. Find a private place or consider playing romantic music to create an appropriate mood.

Additionally, some authors drive away for their privacy. However, further practice in composing a love scene (with each written chapter) will eventfully enable you to write those regardless of the surrounding atmosphere.

3. Consider using the point of view of opposite gender

When composing an intimate episode, the author is usually writing the scene from own perspective. The same as when writers from custom essay writing services get an order to write a paper, but always with the guidelines in order not to write what they want, but what the customer need! Writing from own perspective may result in a biased impression, which is not related to the character’s features. Therefore, the opposite gender’s point of view can be used to write an enticing scene. This will make you follow the character’s demand, and it will prevent you from imposing your own experiences in the scene.

So, considering the opposite gender’s approach will help you to reflect upon some ideas widely and put the scene in a pattern. In addition, it will be a valuable writing exercise for you.

4. Read the romance stories which are similar to your writing

Reading romance stories will render you to develop a positive approach towards the make-out scenes, leaving the embarrassment behind. Besides, reading the stories having the heat level which you want to express serves as a learning material for you. Also, you will be closer to reaching a proper balance of physical, mental, and emotional description in own writing.

There are three main categories of heat levels in romance writing:


  • Sweet romance

It comprises kisses as well as subtle heat levels. The latter are closed-door episodes or illusions.


  • Mainstream romance

It includes the subtle, warm, and hot heat levels. These contain the scenes with a closed door or allusion as well as physical descriptions of very sensual, explicit desires.


  • Erotic romance

It has got the burning heat level, which describes the explicit scenes, intense sexual feelings, and desires.


Read the romance stories one level above what you intend to write. This will help you to use your imagination properly and easily apply the details to your masterpiece.

5. Go straight and show the real feeling of the character

While writing episodes similar to romantic love scenes in books, don’t wallow on describing the scene; just be straight with the description. Moreover, use the setting to make the appropriate mood for the characters. For example, you may use the romantic setting to hint the reader of the next scene with the main characters.


Overall, the craft of love writing is not as easy as one may think. However, I hope that these tips will help you to achieve the perfect balance in sensual expression of love in your own works.


Paul Calderon is a freelance writer from Texas, who is writing for https://eduzaurus.com. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature. He is a creative person, who is always in search of self-development and constantly hones his writing skills. His life motto is “do what you love and love what you do.”




10 Coolest Places to Celebrate Halloween| Guest Post

Thank you so much John for creating this post! Some of these places are definitely going on my  list of places to visit! 

10 Coolest Places to Celebrate Halloween

One of the most expected holidays of the year is coming, and you still have no idea where to celebrate it? Shame on you – there is a huge amount of amazing and atmospheric places to visit. Different spots worldwide are either directly connected to Halloween or have mysterious and dark past. Are you too lazy to google yourself, however, still want to find out what ten coolest places to celebrate the holiday are? Then keep on reading!

Salem, the United States

This city is one of the best places to go for Halloween. Situated in Massachusetts in the United States, the city has the darkest history – in 1692, there were numerous witch trials here. It has even a nickname of the Witch City. The thing is the Puritans were the first to come to Salem, and they did not accept any other faith or religion that is why they were strict with all the suspicious women. Nowadays, Salem cherishes its history with all its defects and organizes the most amazing Halloween each year! Dozens of cafes and restaurants are decorated and offer creepy food and drinks. The massive costume parades take place in the center of the city. Visit this place, and you will see yourself!

Transylvania, Romania

One of the best Halloween places is the historical region of Transylvania. Why? Because it is the motherhood of Dracula according to Bram Stoker. If you have an opportunity to visit the famous Bran Castle on Halloween, you would never forget this holiday! It is the home for Vlad the Impaler that served the inspiration for Dracula. Having a tour through the castle during the night of Halloween and listening to the horrible legends connected to the name of the prince – what can be more thrilling? If you cannot visit the castle, just stay anywhere in Transylvania – whether you would choose the village or the city, you will be really impressed by the architecture and the beautiful Carpathian mountains.

Dublin, Ireland

Well, actually, you can celebrate Halloween in any city in Ireland. Why? Because it is the motherhood of the holiday itself! Yes, the holiday’s roots are from Ireland, and this beautiful country is welcoming the tourists from around the globe. One of the best cities for Halloween would be, of course, Dublin. It is the capital and an extremely beautiful city. You will not find any place that has no spooky decorations – all the cafes and restaurants amaze their customers by the craziest decorations and amazing food and drinks. As for the entertainment on the streets, you would witness the fireworks, costume parades, and ghost tours.

London, the United Kingdom

One of the best Halloween cities is, of course, the motherhood of Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. What we advise you to do is book one of the amazing tours that will take you to the places where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims or visit the Fleet Street where the former barber shop of Sweeney Todd was located. You will be impressed to see the place where William Wallace was executed – the terrifying atmosphere is still there. Believe us, you will vividly sense it on the Halloween night! Finally, you can visit the London Dungeon if you look for the adrenaline rush.

Mexico City, Mexico

If you wish to feel Halloween on a completely different level as compared to what you are used to, then visit Mexico City. Mexicans celebrate the holiday just like the rest of the world, but the traditions are a bit different – it seems as if they put much more sense to them. Have you ever seen the makeup that is associated with Mexico but never knew how it is called? Well, it is called Catrina, and it belongs to the famous Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada. Do you want to see this makeup in reality in the country of its origin together with numerous amazing costume parades? Then visit Mexico!


John Landrum is a writer who works for https://uk.edubirdie.com/dissertation-writing-service. He started working after he graduated from the university, and he really enjoys what he does. Among John’s numerous hobbies are traveling and climbing up the mountains. Luckily, his job allows him to do that easily. His motto is: “Writing is the painting of the voice,” and his paintings are beautiful.

Blast From The Past – Which Books Were Banned And Why?| Guest Post

Thank you so much Helen for creating this post to be featured on my blog! Banned books are so important and some of the best! 


Blast From The Past- Which Books Were Banned And Why?

At different times for some reason or another, censorship did not let certain books to be printed and published. There are many such cases in the history of humanity. In this way, both ecclesiastical and secular authorities tried to protect an ordinary person from the “harmful” influence of education and, in particular, that knowledge that was considered as “unacceptable.”

At first, people were not allowed to study literacy. Then, once this process became irreversible, authorities began to impose a ban on books. The first censorship restrictions concern the list of unacceptable Apocrypha (the texts that were not included in the Bible) created in 494 AD. Almost a thousand years later, in 1557, the “Index of forbidden books” (“Index Librorum Prohibitorum”) was issued for the Inquisition Tribunals. It is interesting that this list was canceled only in 1966. However, the traditions of prohibiting “inappropriate books” have spread far beyond the Vatican, and it is still possible to fall out of favor for storing certain publications in several countries of the world. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, all these prohibitions can hardly be called effective. In this post, I will tell you about some of the best books that have been banned during different periods in our history!

The Best Banned Books

This post is something like a blast from the past. Below you will find a list of masterpieces that were prohibited at different stages of the humanity’s history with brief explanations on why are books banned.

  1. Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

This novel is the most famous work of the author that has caused many contradictory opinions all around the world. It tells the story of a mature man and his painful passion for young girls. The novel caused a real shock. Many publishers have considered it phonographic and refused to publish it, and thus, Lolita has joined the ranks of the banned books in France, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina. However, it was never prohibited in the US. Besides, sometimes higher educational institutions require students to write reviews on this text, and if you have faced such an assignment, you can look at this assignment helper for some expert assistance!

  1. Slaughterhouse-five, by Kurt Vonnegut

The story depicts an American soldier, who is an alter ego of the author, and who was captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Ardennes in the World War II. In the text, Vonnegut conveyed all the horror that he experienced during that time, and the plot turned out to be so grim that it became one of the banned books in America. What was the reason? The gloomy and severe plot is not the only reason. Another reason is the fact that Vonnegut has highlighted that the bombing of the city was a senseless step of American soldiers and introduced German soldiers not as enemies, but as tired and tortured from the war people. In fact, even today this work is among the 100 works that most often fall under the restrictions on extradition to the population in the Association of American Librarians.

  1. The Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie

This is another banned book. The plot is closely intertwined with religion, and the Muslim community considered this attitude to Islam as blasphemy, and a week after the publication in England, people from all around the world started requiring the ban. As a result, reading this text in Venezuela leads to 15 months in prison, in Japan – selling it can cause fines, and even in the USA, many stores refused to sell this work.

  1. American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis

This work of American author tells a story of a maniac, whose killings were driven by greed, envy, and hatred. The novel was limited in edition in Germany, and until recently, it was also banned in Canada and Australian Queensland due to its cruelty and shocking content.

  1. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky

The story is about a teenager and his life, which is full of drugs, harassment, and bullying. The plot contains so many scenes of an outspoken nature that the book is constantly included in the list of banned by the Association of American Librarians.


Author’s Bio: Helen Birk – a writer and passionate book lover. Helen has always enjoyed discovering new publications and authors, and in this post, she decided to tell us about her personal top-five list of the best editions that were banned and prohibited in certain countries at a certain period of time.

Twitter: @HBirk12


Why “The Little Prince” Quotes are Still Actual? | Guest Post

Thank you so much Paul for creating this post to be featured on my blog! As someone who has never read The Little Prince, this post has definitely made me want to pick it up and read it! 

Why “The Little Prince” Quotes are Still Actual?

There are so many books, though so little time to read them all, but nearly everybody has got a book they are thrilled about with delight and want to read it from cover to cover over and over again. I am not an exception, and this is why today we will speculate about the most famous work of XX century, called The Little Prince. You must have been acquainted with it, for sure, as it is a world bestseller, although the work was published a long time ago, in 1943. Many people can’t stop asking me why so many readers have a crush on this handbook, tearing it into quotes and retelling about its uniqueness to everybody. My answer is simple, “Read it, and you will find an answer.” But indeed, why it is happening then?

  • Le petite prince still rings true today

The little prince story is treated to be a book for kids, but it is unfair to think like this because it lies at the intersection between literature for children and adults. This is a text, where double reading appears, and both children and adults can find their own meaning there. The kids like a plot of the bestseller, a fairy tale, where a petit prince has flown from the other planet and tells his amazing and exciting stories, whereas grown-ups see the other side of the coin – it is full of metaphors, deep allegory and is of a parable nature. I can even say that all the quotes, you might have read in this work or heard somewhere, are, in most cases, popular because of this, an inner adult layer of the book. People, who haven’t read this masterpiece, but having discovered one of those brilliant and catchy phrases, can’t even predict they are from an ordinary children book written by a real genius.

  • When pictures speak louder than words

The pictures, you can find in little princes book, have very a metaphorical meaning as they were created by the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry himself. We may study it from two perspectives: one as illustrations being an integral part of the story plot, and the others that have an inside meaning. I am speaking of the portraits of the boy, painted by the author now. His pictures are tightly connected with the author’s vision; a Prince is creator’s nostalgia for a carefree childhood, where you, unfortunately, can’t go back. The images are an indivisible part of the book, so we can’t view it separated from the text, but have to perceive it as a whole.


  • The value of the Little prince quotes in our fast-paced world

As in all the parables, a quote is at the heart of the whole book, raising deep philosophical issues that have been an enduring concern of all humankind throughout history. The little Prince is and will continue to be a storehouse of knowledge for many generations for centuries. Just remember the little Prince and the fox moments or the end of the story, have them tugged on your heartstrings?

This book contains all the most important aspects of everyday life: childhood, relationships, friendship, love, loyalty, and self-devotion. But it also reminds us the simple truth – as adults, we sometimes completely forget about a little child, who lives inside of us and the fact that we are from our childhood.

This is one of the wisest, kindest and eternal book having read once; you will always catch yourself pondering about rereading it once more. It is not just a book of quotes; it has become a handbook for many people because of the worldly wisdom it contains, written in such a simple manner, then even a child will understand it. If you have procrastinated reading it in childhood, you should make up for lost time and enjoy it now, no matter how old are you because age is never an issue.



Paul Calderon is a freelance writer from Texas, who is writing for https://eduzaurus.com. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature. He is a creative person, who is always in search of self-development and constantly hones his writing skills. His life motto is “do what you love and love what you do.”



Mini Vacay Book Haul

My blog is like my baby and I hate leaving it for so long, but I am back and have some exciting things to show/share from my mini vacay in Northern Michigan with Autumn from Kitty Cat Reads (and my real life bff and soul mate!) Of course the two of us went to a local bookstore and coffee shop to work on our blogs for a day!



I am all about supporting local and independent bookstores so I had to make a purchase (of course). I bought Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead, which is the first book in a four book series. (I am planning on someday owning/reading everything by Richelle Mead!) We spent the rest of our time enjoying the sunshine and reading our books! We even attempted to do some vlogging (not sure if I will actually post it, we will see what the final product looks like)



How could you not enjoy this view! As well we were also able to find an awesome deal for a bind up of a trilogy from Walmart. Autumn and I both bought a copy of  SummerTrilogy ( The Summer I Turned Pretty, Its Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer) by Jenny Han! I have had this trilogy in my cart on Amazon for awhile since it has been talked about a lot recently in the book community and could not believe the deal for the bind up.


When I stopped at my parent’s house on the way home I picked up my package that was delivered there, which was a surprise and I have no idea where they are from, but inside the box was The Sweet Trilogy (Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril and Sweet Reckoning) by Wendy Higgins! I really wish I knew where the box came from, but still how could you not love a box of surprise free books!


When I got home from my trip I found some presents in my mailbox! I received some swag from Michelle Krys the author of Hexed! I got a two bookmarks and a signed book plate! I also received an Arc copy of  How We Fall by Kate Brauning! The book comes out in November and you can check out the synopsis and such here! The author was nice enough to send me a copy for review as well as some book swag! She wrote me a cute little note along with some info bookmarkish things (one of them is even signed!) She was also nice enough to sign the book for me! Thank you so much Kate Brauning! (This is my first official physical Arc!)


As well as all the books, another exciting thing was posted this weekend on YA Reads , my guest post about the top books I have read so far this year! So you should definitely go check that out! A few months ago I would have never believed I would be getting so many opportunities and making an impact (whether it is just a small one) in the book community! Thank you to everyone who has friended/ supported me 🙂