To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | Movie Edition


Well if you have not heard of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before adaptation done by Netflix then you must live under a rock. Twitter had been in a frenzy ever since the August 17th drop of the movie. I had listened to the audiobook in anticipation for the movie release and I finished in within a day. I feel in love with the sister relationship, cute innocence of Lara Jean, the sassiness of Kitty and the cute relationship/not really a relationship moments. I have to say I join in with the twitter frenzy and have already watched the movie multiple times.

I think the casting was done perfectly, Lana & Noah were absolutely amazing as Lara Jean & Peter. This movie is the much needed teen rom com that everyone has been craving. It was more than just the romance and focused on all those things the book makes important as well. There were some things missing from the book that were some of my favorite parts, but I understand its hard to fit everything from a book into a movie time frame.

Overall I thought the adaptation was so well done and I do believe we will get the next book, P.S I Still Love You. I mean how could they not with all the love it is getting on the internet. Even the cast is in full support all over social media! I highly recommend this movie even if you didn’t read the book and have no plans of it. It is cute, funny and will make your heart so happy!


Gone Girl | Movie Edition

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was one of my favorite books I read in 2014. I was shocked by the dark vibe and shocking twists that came from the complex, manipulative and slightly psychotic characters. I had heard such amazing things about this movie from friends, but of course they were all people that had not read the book.

I will state first that I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was very true to the book (might have been since Flynn herself worked on the screenplay). Although I enjoyed what they did with the movie and the aspects they incorporated from the book, I still love the book so much more. While watching the movie I was not shocked and surprised by the twists because I had already read the book so I feel like I missed some of that enjoyment. There were also parts that I felt like where missing from the movie. At the end of the movie I didn’t quite get the same feeling and felt like it didn’t convey to the full extent what Flynn did at the end of the book about the future of Nick and Amy. I also did not think that Ben Affleck was the right person for the role of Nick, but that might just be me.

Even though I highly recommend reading this book first because even though the movie was slightly ruined for me by having read the book it would have make the book hard to read if I already knew what happened it the movie. The movie was well written and filmed. I was happy to see what they did and absolutely loved Amy’s character. Rosamund Pike was fantastic. The feel of the movie is also well done and mimics the feels from the book extremely well. It is definitely dark and twisted and is worth the watch in my opinion!

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The Maze Runner | Movie Edition

DYLAN O’BRIEN! I am obsessed with him and the fact that he is in this movie was a driving force for me to go see it in theaters! I was not a huge fan of the book, the concept was really interesting and the story reminded me of Lord of the Flies by William Golding, which I loved. I did have some problems and annoyances with the book and was hoping that it would transfer over to film better. It was just one of those stories that has some great components that if well done could be awesome as a book adaptation. I feel like it is hard to talk about my feelings towards the movie because I am clouded by Dylan and think everything he appears in is fantastic because he is just amazing! I will try to break it down and get my thoughts into coherent words.

So my thoughts on the movie…. Overall I thought it was a solid book to movie adaptation (but not as good as Harry Potter or Hunger Games)  It was amazing to see the maze and the glade. It was not how I imagined it while I was reading, but it was huge and awesome and I thought it worked out so well! I read the book about a year ago, but for the most part I felt like the characters were true to the book. I loved the castings and all the actors and actress really did a great job! The movie was packed with action and really brought the book to life. I did feel like the movie moved too fast and felt rushed, even though it covered all the main points in the book. It just felt like it was missing something though. I think there were just somethings in the book (or at least I think I remember it happening) that I wish was in the movie. When reading the book I found I was greatly annoyed with the slang, language and repetition of some event and felt like it was a lot easier to handle in the movie and wasn’t nearly as bad or excessive. Of course it ended on a cliff hanger, making you want more, but I am glad to see they are in the works to continue on with the other books.

So those are just a few of my thoughts! I would love to hear what you thought of the book or movie!

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Just look at him!

Divergent : Movie Edition

I have to say I was happily surprised by this movie. After watching the trailer I was not completely sure if I would be happy with the adaptation. And although there were things that I did not like, overall I thought they did a good job. I know I have already stated it before in one of my previous post, but the soundtrack for this movie was on point. It was absolutely amazing and that was the first thing my friends and I talked about after the movie. Most times the music in movies doesn’t really phase me unless there is a purpose you are suppose to be focusing on the music, but I just wanted to Shazam every single song. Although that was absolutely brilliant, there were a few problems I had with the film.

First, if they plan on continuing with the movies they are going to have to play catch up and introduce characters that should have been introduced this movie because of the relationships that those people have and formed in the first book that carries on through the trilogy. (That seems a little confusing but makes sense in my mind). Being picky about details my second problem was little things that they left out that I though solidified relationships and lead to other problem. No mention of Edward and his eye were mentioned, he appears and has a role in the second book and the thing with his eye started the hysteria of not making it into Dauntless that led to Al joining to try and throw Tris and eventually killing himself. I also felt like they left out a lot of information regarding the fear stimulation. With that comes the situation of Four telling Tris about Erudite and bringing in supplies so that leads to Tris having an idea about what was going on. I understand that there is a time limit and they have to get so much information in a small amount of time. I did think that the world was built beautifully and all the elements of the Factions were represented nicely. I can’t wait to see the next movie although this time I think I will wait to see it after its been in theaters for awhile. I can’t handle the screaming girls and the clapping at the end of movies. But thats it for now check out my review on the book!

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