Haven by Mary Lindsey | Fancast

Haven by Mary Lindsey has a cast full of characters each with their own quirks and qualities that I thought it would fun to create a fancast. I know some of these actors are a little bit too old and some don’t exactly meet the physical descriptions of what is in the book, but they are either what came to mind for me when thinking of the characters and their personalities. I would love to see who Mary Lindsey would cast in the leading roles. Check out my review!


Have you read Haven yet? Who would you cast? 


Haven by Mary Lindsey | Book Review


Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Publication Date: Nov. 7th 2017

“We all hold a monster inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed.”
― Mary Lindsey, Haven

Rain Ryland has never belonged anywhere, He’s used to people judging him for his rough background, his intimidating size, and now, his orphan status. He’s always been on the outside, looking in, and he’s fine with that. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart.

Freddie isn’t like normal teen girls, though. And someone wants her dead for it. Freddie warns he’d better stay far away if he wants to stay alive, but Rain’s never been good at running from trouble. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for.

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 *I would like to thank Entangled Publishing greatly for the amazing package they sent me and for the opportunity to read this book!*

A small town, an outsider and a secret that could get one killed.

This unique dark paranormal read brought to light a gender role reversal spin to the Beauty and the Beast story. I am not quite sure if this book had any inspiration from the B&B story, but there were some parallels and loosely based similarities. I was completely blown away with this story and quickly flew through it! It was layered with an air of mystery and full of secrets, some of which could be deadly.

I think Lindsey did an amazing job with the character development. All of the characters had unique personalities and really added to the overall story. With the introduction of some paranormal elements, I felt like the world building and fleshing out the overall aspects of what was going on in this town were just quickly covered. I wanted more explanation and to learn more about the background and history of what was taking place in New Wurzburg. It was definitely driven by wanting to know the fate of the characters.

Although most times I am not such a huge fan of romance and try to stay away from it, with the dark secrets and weird occurrences in this little creepy town it happened to work well for me. The relationship between Rain and Freddie was one I was rooting for from the beginning. Coming from a rough past, I wanted to see it all work out for Rain, but that is easier said then done. Freddie was the perfect female lead. She was feisty and strongly independent! Freddie did not let herself get placed into the confounds of the role of a female and proved that she is quite a badass. She has quickly become one of my female crushes and on my list of kickass fictional females. The rest of the cast of characters added to the overall story and had each of their own unique qualities that contributed to the feel and creepiness that carried the book. I had a deep love for Petra and her quirkiness!

I enjoyed the paranormal elements of this book a lot and really enjoyed what Lindsey created with these two groups that live in this town. The different abilities and powers were so intriguing and the kookiness and quirks of the characters was a lot of fun. I definitely loved the horror movie feel even though this is not a horror novel. It reminded me of the beginning of those horror movies when the characters role into this small town on the way to their destination because they needed gas or got lost. They soon find the town is strange and has a secret that everyone is in on but you. That was very much how it was when Rain rolled into New Wurzburg, the outsider to a town with its own things to hide!

The almost 400 page book just seemed to go way too fast. I felt like a lot more could have been fleshed out and explanation on certain aspects done. The end of the book finished too quickly for my liking. I had about 70 pages left and there was still so much that need to be solved and figured out. Lindsey tied up the lose ends and answered the questions I had while ending the book with a real ending, but it was too fast. Other than that the rest of the pacing was pretty well done.

Overall I absolutely adored this story and need more. It has quickly moved up on my list of favorite books. It was much more than I expected from it. The mythology was unique and it added classic aspects with new and fun modern aspects. It had hints of older stories like Beauty and the Beast and Twilight, but the story was completely its own. It was filled with fun and quirky characters in a small and interesting town. It also had some pretty awesome quote worthy moments! I highly recommend this read if you enjoy paranormal elements, mystery or romance. It has a little bit of everything!

Friday Reads | Hiding From The Cold


I finally got some time off of work! I have a 4 day weekend and I am beyond excited about it! Yesterday I spent the day doing some shopping. I wanted to go Downtown and go exploring but it is beyond cold today and so windy. I have been in this new city a little over 3 months and have not seen anything yet, but I do not want to be out in this crazy winter is coming weather all day. So I am continuing my days off by cleaning the apartment, getting some life things figured out, blogging, reading and watching Season 2 of Stranger Things! I have been reading Have by Mary Lindsey and I am hoping to finish it this weekend! I am really enjoying it so far. I am loving the vibe, build up and characters. It is reminding me of the small towns in horror movies like The Hills Have Eyes and House of Wax, where the small towns have a creepy secret that everyone in town knows but the outsider is completely in the dark. As the reader we are an outsider, it is quite interesting. After I finish this I am not really sure what I am going to pick up. I have a stack of spooky/creepy books that I would like to continue making my way through before it is too fast past the Halloween season. I have considered picking up Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake, which is the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood that I just recently read. 

What are you reading this weekend?


Friday Reads | Read-a-thon Weekend!


This is going to be a busy packed weekend for me. I have a ton of reading I want to do for both the House Cup Reading Challenge and Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I need to get some apartment cleaning done and I want to do some exploring of the new city I live in since its been 3 months since I have moved and have not seen much. My first mistake for attempting to complete all the things I need to accomplish this weekend was starting Mindhunter on Netflix. I have high hopes for my reading this weekend though. I am currently half way through listening to The Uninvited by Cat Winters. I have been meaning to read some of Cat Winters books and this will be my 3rd one this year. I love her writing, settings and characters. Her books contain strong females set in history that Winters describes so atmospherically. I am also about a fourth of the way into Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. I have to say I have not read many ghost stories, but so far this is the best one and proving to be a quick and gripping read! After I finish that I want to pick up Haven by Mary Lindsey as soon as possible. I am so excited about this book and cannot believe I was so lucky to receive a copy and amazing package from Entangled Publishing. It sounds like it is going to be a good one and I am already loving the quotes I have seen from the book.

What are you reading this weekend?


Surprise Book Box | Entangled Publishing

I came home to an absolutely perfect unexpected surprise in the mail today! This is the first time I have received a book box from a publisher and feel so honored to get this opportunity! Thank you to Entangled Publishing and the author Mary Lindsey so much for this opportunity and the chance to read Haven!

♠ Hardcover Copy of Haven by Mary Lindsey (Release Date:11/7/17)

♠ Haven Inspired Mug ” No excuses go get it, girl” – I cant wait to read the book and find out the context of this quote, but it is perfect motivation for my morning coffee! 

♠ Haven Themed Tote Bag- There is no such thing as too many tote bags and this one will be perfect for me to transport items with a cute quote “We all have a beast inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed.”

♠ Lavender Sachet- This smells so amazing and I have been meaning to pick up some lavender for my room! 

♠ Handmade Wolf Charm Bookmark- I love wolves and this bookmark it just adorable!

♠ Stickers- There were 2 stickers! One was of the book and the other says ” Keep Calm and Howl On”!

♠ Not pictured:Chocolate- There was some super yummy chocolate in the box but I ate it before I took pictures (oops)

Additional Entangled Swag

♠ Outlet USB Charger- You can never have too many of these either since I am always losing mine

♠ “I’m a Book Nerd” Poster- I am so stoked about this poster. I was looking for more art and posters to hang up on my wall next to my bookshelf and this will be absolutely perfect! 


Again thanks so much to Entangled Publishing! I am so excited about this package, the goodies and especially the book! It will definitely be the next book I pick up! 

Top Ten Tuesday| TV Shows

Untitled design-9

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows! I decided to go with TV Shows because I always have a really hard time narrowing a movie list down (Not like it is any easier for tv shows and there might be more than ten on this…oops). Besides books I am completely obsessed with movies! I own probably more movies than books. (It is also a problem) I will say that my all time favorite movie is Casablanca! If you haven’t seen this movie I don’t think we can be friends (just kidding, but I believe everyone should at least watch it once!) So anyways this post is probably going to get really fangirly, will probably be long and most definitely will include videos/ gifs and/or pictures!

TEEN WOLF –  I could probably create a post all by itself on the reasons why I love this show. The boys (most of the time shirtless), the drop dead beautiful girls, the humor, Dylan O’Brien (do I need to say more) I must admit that I think the writing for this show is absolutely horrible, but I really watch for the actors/actresses. They are just all adorable and I want to be best friends with them all!

tumblr_n40052AN9y1tp3mg2o1_250  tumblr_n2tpsv1ZFN1qgfn2bo1_250tumblr_mxeptmJI5O1r7p6hno3_500  tumblr_mqx05sOqo41s8mthso1_250

♠  NEW GIRL – This is a super hilarious show and what I want my life to be like. They are in their late 20s/early 30s and are just awesome characters. This is definitely one of my go to happy shows on Netflix when I just need a good laugh. Also they play this super fantastic game called True American and it is my goal in life to play this with a bunch of friends!

tumblr_n74m5g0x571sqzvkpo1_500 tumblr_n7zwquYe331txp3a5o1_500

♠ ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – This is a netflix original based off a book and it is phenomenal! Although it is graphic at times, the actors/actresses are superb! There are only two season and I watched them all within a week! They also are always reading which is super awesome, I mean what else are you going to do in prison.

myebmfY    tumblr_n8ntsuzrFa1r41ojno1_500

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – This show… Just when you think you have something figured out it completely takes a turn. It sometimes get annoying, but the girls in this show. They are all so beautiful and have rocking wardrobes. And there hair is always on point! Oh and don’t forget the guys on the show !!!



BIG BANG THEORY –  Nerdy and hysterical! Being a book nerd and occasionally an enormous fangirl I can totally appreciate all the nerdy this show has to offer. It has great characters and so many great quirks!

tumblr_inline_mxo00dwp8m1s2ord3 tumblr_n08f933Dqq1toamj8o1_400

GREY’S ANATOMY – How could you not love this show. There is so much drama, romance, action. Its like everything all in one ! Especially the actors in this show~ YUM! (sorry for the male montage)

tumblr_lu7en8iC3K1qao7o5o1_r1_500 tumblr_n1b839Q5CW1qbli3oo1_500 tumblr_n8od0vBs1T1tgm3sho1_500 tumblr_n8k0n66lAQ1sbk8zdo1_250 tumblr_inline_mj3vnlilJd1qz4rgp

CRIMINAL MINDS– Not only is this show completely intriguing by the fact of dealing with serial killers and the workings of human behavior, but its action packed! Oh and did I mention it has the love of my life Shemar Moore!!! (and when he says “Baby Girl”)

tumblr_n2nce18ihZ1r1mr1po1_500 tumblr_inline_n2ncd63GSb1rxfk2t


There are a couple of shows that I absolutely love and watch over and over again that are no longer airing, but thank god for Netflix and all other site online that let me watch them!

SEX AND THE CITY– This is like my guide to life! Samantha is my spirit animal!

10f84qq carrie1 i-love-me-more-i-love-you-sex-and-the-city-favim-com-293571

DAWSON’S CREEK– I don’t think if I started this show at my age now I would love it as much as I do. I use to watch this every morning during the summers when I was younger with my best friend. I love Pacey he is like perfection! Definitely a 90s kid show!

tumblr_n80ecnRTrH1szpewio9_250 tumblr_n80z73yGyw1rveczpo1_500

SAVED BY THE BELL– Another show that takes me right back to my childhood! This is like too perfect ! AC Slater and him say “Mama” to Jessie is so swoony !!!! And who didn’t want to be Kelly.

tumblr_n7dfxl7msS1s9sypco1_500 tumblr_m20yoj55Op1rn2pfqo1_1280


Honorable Mention




Basically I pick all my favorite shows based on the male leads!

What are some of your favorite Movies/TV Shows?