Haven by Mary Lindsey | Fancast

Haven by Mary Lindsey has a cast full of characters each with their own quirks and qualities that I thought it would fun to create a fancast. I know some of these actors are a little bit too old and some don’t exactly meet the physical descriptions of what is in the book, but they are either what came to mind for me when thinking of the characters and their personalities. I would love to see who Mary Lindsey would cast in the leading roles. Check out my review!


Have you read Haven yet? Who would you cast? 


Blast From The Past – Which Books Were Banned And Why?| Guest Post

Thank you so much Helen for creating this post to be featured on my blog! Banned books are so important and some of the best! 


Blast From The Past- Which Books Were Banned And Why?

At different times for some reason or another, censorship did not let certain books to be printed and published. There are many such cases in the history of humanity. In this way, both ecclesiastical and secular authorities tried to protect an ordinary person from the “harmful” influence of education and, in particular, that knowledge that was considered as “unacceptable.”

At first, people were not allowed to study literacy. Then, once this process became irreversible, authorities began to impose a ban on books. The first censorship restrictions concern the list of unacceptable Apocrypha (the texts that were not included in the Bible) created in 494 AD. Almost a thousand years later, in 1557, the “Index of forbidden books” (“Index Librorum Prohibitorum”) was issued for the Inquisition Tribunals. It is interesting that this list was canceled only in 1966. However, the traditions of prohibiting “inappropriate books” have spread far beyond the Vatican, and it is still possible to fall out of favor for storing certain publications in several countries of the world. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, all these prohibitions can hardly be called effective. In this post, I will tell you about some of the best books that have been banned during different periods in our history!

The Best Banned Books

This post is something like a blast from the past. Below you will find a list of masterpieces that were prohibited at different stages of the humanity’s history with brief explanations on why are books banned.

  1. Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

This novel is the most famous work of the author that has caused many contradictory opinions all around the world. It tells the story of a mature man and his painful passion for young girls. The novel caused a real shock. Many publishers have considered it phonographic and refused to publish it, and thus, Lolita has joined the ranks of the banned books in France, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina. However, it was never prohibited in the US. Besides, sometimes higher educational institutions require students to write reviews on this text, and if you have faced such an assignment, you can look at this assignment helper for some expert assistance!

  1. Slaughterhouse-five, by Kurt Vonnegut

The story depicts an American soldier, who is an alter ego of the author, and who was captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Ardennes in the World War II. In the text, Vonnegut conveyed all the horror that he experienced during that time, and the plot turned out to be so grim that it became one of the banned books in America. What was the reason? The gloomy and severe plot is not the only reason. Another reason is the fact that Vonnegut has highlighted that the bombing of the city was a senseless step of American soldiers and introduced German soldiers not as enemies, but as tired and tortured from the war people. In fact, even today this work is among the 100 works that most often fall under the restrictions on extradition to the population in the Association of American Librarians.

  1. The Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie

This is another banned book. The plot is closely intertwined with religion, and the Muslim community considered this attitude to Islam as blasphemy, and a week after the publication in England, people from all around the world started requiring the ban. As a result, reading this text in Venezuela leads to 15 months in prison, in Japan – selling it can cause fines, and even in the USA, many stores refused to sell this work.

  1. American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis

This work of American author tells a story of a maniac, whose killings were driven by greed, envy, and hatred. The novel was limited in edition in Germany, and until recently, it was also banned in Canada and Australian Queensland due to its cruelty and shocking content.

  1. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky

The story is about a teenager and his life, which is full of drugs, harassment, and bullying. The plot contains so many scenes of an outspoken nature that the book is constantly included in the list of banned by the Association of American Librarians.


Author’s Bio: Helen Birk – a writer and passionate book lover. Helen has always enjoyed discovering new publications and authors, and in this post, she decided to tell us about her personal top-five list of the best editions that were banned and prohibited in certain countries at a certain period of time.

Twitter: @HBirk12


Must See/Listen Guide to the Halloween Season | Media Recommendations

I recently posted a Reading Guide to the Halloween Season! Since I watch TV/Movies as much as I read I thought I would create a post including some much see tv shows and movies during this halloween season. I also thought it would be fun to include some strange and creepy podcasts! So if you want to get into the Holiday spirit here are some must see/listens you should check out! 

Classic Movies 

Every Halloween season there are movies that are my go to and must sees. It would just not feel like October without these movies.

Ó Halloweentown 

Ó Hocus Pocus 

Ó  Halloween 

Ó Practical Magic 

TV Shows 

I have so many suggestions for this, but just picked a few. If you would like to know more let me know!

Ò Stranger Things 

Ò Haven 

Ò Hemlock Grove 

Ò Charmed 

Ò True Blood

Ò Salem 

Ò Lore 

Ò Buffy The Vampire Slayer 


Ô Welcome to Night Vale 

Ô Lore 

Ô The Black Tapes 

Ô Creepy 


What are your thoughts on these? Do you have any suggestions of must see/listen that I have missed? Happy Halloween Season! 

Week Down the Book Hole | 10/7-10/14

I thought it would be fun to do a week in my life in regards to mainly books, but also tv, movies and just overall life! I know I always like to know what people are doing and working on. Just something I am trying out. Who knows it may be horrible and no one will read it.

My to-do list today is beyond crazy, but like every Saturday all I want to do is relax after a crazy week at work. I cleaned my apartment, wrote my #otspsecretsister pen pals and have been working on some blog post. It ended up being a beautiful day although it started out yucky and rainy. I have been catching up on tv shows this morning as I blog, the new episodes of Grey’s, This is Us and season 7 of Shameless! I should go to the gym because I have not been in forever, but I think the kittens and I are just going to curl up, read and snuggle. Today I am reading Night Film by Marisha Pessl.

Today was another lazy day. Reading, tv watching and napping was all on the list of things to do. Although I have a lot I should be doing and places I wanted to go, I thought it best to just relax because work has been so crazy and this week is sure to be another hectic one. I am really loving Night Film by Marisha Pessl. It is dark and strange. I think that the incorporation of other media is such a nice touch to the overall story and makes it that much better. I am really interested to see where the story is going to go because it is nothing like I expected. I am not sure what I expected really to be honest. I finished season 7 of Shameless. I am so addicted to this show it is the perfect amount of drama to distract me from life.

This has been a crazy busy week at work. I was working crazy long hours and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to do much else. I did catch up on a lot of tv shows and spent Friday night reading and watching horror movies. Riverdale season 2 started this week!

I have had quite a busy Saturday. I am always so busy during the week that Saturday ends up being the day I spend cleaning and running errands. I went to the store and bought another bookcase today! I was hoping to get all of my boxes finally unpacked from moving almost 3 months ago. Unfortunately my love of books has made it difficult to get all those boxes unpacked. Although I bought another bookcase I still have 2 small boxes of books that do not have a home yet. I got a ton of “reading” done while I was putting the bookcase together and organizing books while listening to an audiobook. I am going to spend the rest of the night relaxing, possibly watching a movie and attempting to finish  the last 120 pages in Night Film by Marisha Pessl so that I can start fresh for The House Cup Reading Challenge that starts tomorrow! I also want to get some reading done since I will be deployed soon to assist with disaster relief for my job. I could be gone for up to a month or more and wont have any time to read or be able to take any books with me. It will definitely be tough to be without books for that long. And without my kittens. I am making sure to get a lot of kitten cuddles and sharing the love with my books before I leave.

Did you get any reading done this week? Watch any good movies or tv shows? Any exciting or interesting life news?

Let me know what you think of this post! 

Reading Guide to the Halloween Season | Book Recommendations

The fall and Halloween are my absolute favorite! When it comes to reading, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it in the month of October. (In my opinion) The fall season has a certain atmosphere and I believe the month of October does as well. The month of October needs to be filled with spooky, creepy, thrillers with paranormal and the unusual. As I was developing my reading list for October I thought I would give some recommendations to others with those books I think are perfect for the month of October.

Ó  Asylum by Madeleine Roux 

This was a dark and creepy story.  And of course it is about an asylum so that is a creep factor within itself. The imagery is so well done I felt like I was thereIt has a dark ominous feel to it and the creepy pictures sprinkled throughout the book help to create that eerie atmosphere.

Ó Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs 

This book is definitely peculiar. It also uses strange and creepy pictures to help tell the story. It is not dark or ominous, but very atmospheric and unique.

Ó Hexed by Michelle Krys

This was a campy story and more light hearted and fun than dark and ominous. I have to say I would categorize this more Charmed/Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esk. It was a fast-paced witchy novel filled with intrigue, mystery and humor.

Ó You by Caroline Kepnes 

This is written in second perspective from a stalkers perspective. I believe that is all I need to say.


Ó Odd & True by Cat Winters 

This story was absolutely marvelous and full of monstrous creatures. The two sisters grew up hearing stories about monsters and magic. It is a wonderful story about sisters and has a nice atmosphere.

Ó Black Birds of the Gallows by Meg Kassel 

A love story in the midst of mass chaos. A interesting and creative YA paranormal read that presents unique mythology and characters. It dove into the world of Harbingers of Death, beekeepers, and the hidden magic within.

Ó This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

This was a dark YA with monsters, crime and murder. The atmosphere and overall feel was dark and ominous. It was also beautifully written.

What are some of your spooky/creepy reads?

Books I Want to Read Before the End of 2017

I have gone through waves of reading this year. Now that I am starting to get settled into my new job and home, I really want to focus on tackling my TBR. I have a full bookcase and countless more books on my Kindle that I have yet to read. I am trying to create a read/reward system. I will never get to all the books I want to read if I just keep buying more. So here are some books I am trying really hard to get to before the end of the year.

SlaughterHouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Half A King by Joe Abercrombie (reread)

Looking For Alaska by John Green (reread)


Are there any books you really want to read before the end of the year?

Books Best Friend | Reading Nook Edition

I have decided to do a series on my blog dedicated to where to find those all amazing things that book lovers need in their life or things based on books that we love. I am always spending time lost on the internet searching for cute bookish things and I thought I would make it a little easier for others and share the cute things that I have found. My first post was dedicated to those things that I would not be able to read a book without. This post is one I have been wanting to do for awhile and have been thinking about a lot because I am just about to move and get a new apartment. I was reached out to pair up with Arhouse to create a post about my ideal reading nook! 

Belle Style Shelves

Being an avid reader and book lover I have always been envious of Belle and that beautiful library she is presented. I am big on a modern antiqued look. There is such a classic and grandeur look about a huge bookcase with a rolling ladder. Arhouse has this beautiful version of this bookcase as well as a smaller more modern style.

Each one has a slightly different look and vibe, but in the end they fit that category of having an amazing bookcase with a ladder.

Athens Modular Library– $3,770.00
Colton 34″ Library – $1,449.00



♣ Cozy Seating 


Comfy big chairs or couches are a must for a reading nook. I need somewhere to curl up with my awesome read.

Clementina Arm Chair – $298.99





Newark Rattan Papasan Chair– $155.99


{below}: Zack Mid-Century Fabric Loveseat – $354.99




♣Built Ins 

I have always wanted big bay windows with the little book nook with shelves and sitting built in. 


What are some of your must haves for a reading nook?


Books Best Friend | Bookmarks Edition

I have decided to do a series on my blog dedicated to where to find those all amazing things that book lovers need in their life or things based on books that we love. I am always spending time lost on the internet searching for cute bookish things and I thought I would make it a little easier for others and share the cute things that I have found. This first post is dedicated to those things that I would not be able to read a book without. I am not one for dog earring pages and although I so many times use whatever is available to me, cute bookmarks always making reading books that much better! (Also sorry ahead of time most of them shown are Alice in Wonderland, but I mean what did you expect from me.)

♥ ribonitachocolat on Etsy 

 ribonitachocolat has a few cute little book characters and the rest of the bookmarks are just absolutely adorable little creatures and characters. There bookmarks are custom made and their prices are reasonable, but they are based out of Portugal.

6 Piece Alice in Wonderland Characters- $16.70 +shipping
Single Bookmarks varying in size but on average 6″ – $2.25-$3.30 +shipping

 ReadandWonder on Etsy 

ReadandWonder has a wide variety of bookmarks based on bookish characters. They have both magnetic bookmarks of characters and quote bookmarks. Their bookmarks are custom made and hand drawn. Their prices are very reasonable as well as their shipping, they are based out of Australia.

Quote Bookmarks- $1.92 +shipping
Magnetic Bookmarks Singles up to Sets of 6-  $1.53- $9.20 +shipping

♥ TheWrigglingBookworm on Etsy 

TheWrigglingBookworm has super adorable designs of book characters plus just beautifully done designs of animals and flowers. They are digital prints so no need to pay shipping or wait for your order to arrive in the mail!

Set of 4 Bookmarks- $4.99

♥ Boookmarky on Etsy 

Boookmarky has a large variety of bookmarks based on a great selection of books. They have designs and quotes on them. Some bookmarks come with the option for a small amount more (like cents more) to add the mini bookmark or a charm. They are a little pricer.

Single Bookmark- $4.31+shipping

♥ BeyondthePages19 on Etsy 

BeyondthePages19 offers some more unique options then other stores I have found. They have characters from books that others do not make like Great Expectations and War and Peace. They also have some super cute hipster animals and these awesome Queens and the Wizard of OZ. They also offer quote bookmarks, some of my favorite ones being those quoting Gilmore Girls!

Magnetic Queen Set of 4- $7.67 + shipping
Magnetic Singles to Sets of 6- $2.30- $10.74 +shipping
Quote Bookmarks – $1.92 +shipping

 ♥ Target 

Target in my opinion has some awesome bookmark selection too and are even starting to get magnetic bookmarks. They have these awesome bookmarks that have a clock and you can record the time you are reading.

Mark My Time Bookmark- $8.99

NerdyGrlDesigns on Etsy

NerdyGrlDesigns characters are absolutely adorable. I love their use of pastels and they have a wide variety of options. They have both magnetic and regular bookmarks. I love their Disney designs (especially Moana) and their unicorns! They even have quote magnetic bookmarks which I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. They have very reasonable prices.

Alice in Wonderland Set of 6- $10.00 +shipping
Single to Set of 8 Magnetic Bookmarks- $3.25- $12.50 +shipping
Quote Bookmarks – $1.85 +shipping

There are many amazing shops that you can find adorable custom made book character bookmarks. All the ones I have listed have great options and make awesome products. I could keep going with this list, but if you would like to see another post in the future featuring more let me know! Let me know what some of your favorite shops for bookmarks are! 

Free Kindle Loaning Library

I saw some people talking about this on Twitter. How people can loan out certain books to others from their Kindles. I have so many books on my kindle that can be loaned out and I am not reading them right now so I figured I would put them up for others to read. Below are all the titles. A lot of them are more obscure and not well known, but there are a few popular ones within the list. If you are interested in loaning any of these kindle books from me just leave me a comment or send me a message in my contact.
Wicked Games Jessica Clare, Jill Myles
The Beautiful and Damned F. Scott  Fitzgerald
Realm Keepers Garrett Robinson, Z. C. Bolger
The Darkest Minds -Alexandra Bracken
Collide Shelly Crane
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë
Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë
Little Women Louisa May Alcott
Scarred J. S. Cooper
Johnny Rachel Dunning
Alienated Melissa Landers
Minutes Before Sunset Shannon A. Thompson

Fictional Girlfriend |Tag


This was originally the Fictional Boyfriends Tag! I decided that we needed more diversity and that it was about time the book community started to recognizing those amazing fictional females.The tag was originated by RayKay Books and you can check it out on their youtube channel here. I have decided I am not going to explain my choices because that would end up making this post far too long and definitely too fangirly. If you would like an explanation for a certain choice just ask in the comments and I will share!

Most Romantic Girlfriend: Layla Shaw from the Dark Elements Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout

The Dark and Moody Bad Girl with a Good Side: Katniss Evergreen from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

♠ The Paranormal Girlfriend: Alexia Tarabotti from the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger

The Girlfriend You Want to Tame:  Tate McKenna from Volition by Lily Paradis

 The Girl You Friend-zoned: Shaw Landon from Rule by Jay Crownover

Your Soulmate: Princess Dennaleia from Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthrust 

♠ The Girlfriend You Would Elope With:  Alaska Young from Looking For Alaska by John Green 

The Girlfriend You Would Venture Anywhere With: Vin from the Misborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

♠ The Girlfriend You Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With: Alyssa Gardner from the Splintered Trilogy by A.G Howard 

♠ The Most Bad Ass Girlfriend: Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead 


Who are your book girlfriends that fit into these categories? I would love to know your answers so make sure to leave me your link!